_____________between these things Mona holds a shaker. Nothing to dream nothing to see. Come again Mona  JIll retrieves . retrieve in dig. And the world is a nation. A rational halfflavor.

 it goes

   the imaginary of hill
   the blocked sight views the endless narrow
   passageway of tears and lies and  a redhead
     oin the rain bus
   ain't she there again
 refrain repeating from its neanderthal name

 drawing this sketch to its permanent code

    a reason to temporarily seize imagine ____e   ~

   as the waitress winter but the other one aloof removed as any summer job

refusing  to speaking a s a  witness to the strange days of sun       

  and men

 figment of        night body
         she peers down to me at her right

this hard red hair
                 the same leather jacket

pinned up the same way

and all these time


  No one hears the sudden fluttering heart.



an older and newer text untouched up from 2012..c onnected to one of the fictions series as that's where the so called first verses bend their ear
get tweaked by persona fictation.