re .. i... love ..

that Hateful Eight his new movie . is what's amazing. the humor and also his capacity to grab at something essentially chaotic in the american movement west and south post civil war.   a crazy kind of nihilistic sentimentalism and racism which  amazingly enough to everyone still runs strong and is an everyday happening, an every day event in the usa of a even with their black president in their white house.
black eyes white landscape. reminiscent of the some of the points raised in ..... book(s)

 Probly the writer that gets at that best is Cormac McCarthy.  the books not the movies which are no damn good at  all

 the sun shines and it glows a mild mild winter plus near ten and the weather gods are good to us
  this winter

            as last winter they lashed  with furious pelting snow and hateful cold

 not so this winter it's a baby winter on wheels

   spring like feeling and its sort of apropos given this is supposed to be about the celebration of a birth

but of course that birth cost an awful price and within hours  thousands more were sacrificed for its sake.. there you go a despotic signifier

costing innocence its breath

___________ Mona says these are the rings of capital and history  the vast ism of sacrifice and voice what voice believes love tells.

+++++++++++++++++++++ ___________________
 Not sure anylonger if the separation of the fictions from this and other work of mean has t he same sense or meaning as it did until recently.

 there are distinctions   and yet (naturally) they're mor ethan connected |||all thee parts connecting
                                                                                                               ||reconnecting etc. is vanity a capitalist virtue needing disconnection and so on?