did ya


Did you stand on your head?

---------- O her beauty so    ~ in  ` had to look away'  hurt me / hut me
inside the dog body of alonesss

yet paradox I cant explain the creation flows and Im full of joy that's and that's because of the city
  this city's full of joy for me as its creation swirls round and round and my creation keeps going

it's all imaginary and i love it

what is creation but faith? i have the faith of creation not quitting  the song half way as its gleaming sideways running on the wharf of the winter city

 She came to me last night a word in he r hand and an empty dress her breast s speaking to me

  each man knows this

 woman know as they know the cold the collective the solidarity between men and women
  the warmth
   it s why  i dont share the current rash for marriage among the homogenized hordes rushing to carrying what's institutional to the next level of normativity

 god forbid! we become normal.. Was   it not Julia Kristeva coined a term describing the normoid?

  not that I especially like her   i saw her in a video and she sounded like a psychoanalytic cop? and they say it has no more influence on society? that's its day is over?!  come come you're dreaming they're everywhere  selling their currency

     in any case the wave rushes out 

 more coffee on the road the silver waves call

   my boat sails at  Noon   ~