am A




you are I am a hippy   post punk hippy  live like one. Possibilly thee last one. A poet, that is what is

that? something no    It is a way  
 not a way to use people
or use them. sex      has nothing        to do. with becomings

You (i) are- am a hip    who lives by the word which word  a word
not the dirty lie of fantasy

wait is my body my own?
   is your body your own?
your very own body yr very own body?

Not yours (neither mine mine lover) , you prisoner of love
I am the voice which speaks

your name between my sheets
                                                      waiting all day long for your name

A poet a hippy useless things(Sa....e)

foR the world to create

the above text& text image is an experiment |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||