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   that __________________| the beL_Ow__||||___________

was written a while go back and ought to be framed in with the notion of quantity and quality as it's discussed by Tristan Tzara over the course of several essays  written in the 30's & 40's of the last century.almost a hundred since he began to make his mark as one of the several co inventors of daDa the old hobby horse the anti-dialectic. Monsieur Antiphilosophe.

the idea of poetry as knowledge which is exponential to the  movement of class history and  this is entwined with his understanding of Hegel and Marx and the transformation of property into poetry as a luxury whose event will be for all in the future. as in Lautreomont's cry that Poetry should be Made by all and Everyone .

Poetry must be made by all and not by one. ...



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it seems i gotta take back what I wrote about Pound and Basho. im not sure it would have made any difference had Pound read Basho, prettyset in his ways he was. a racist delire? something each of us faces nowadays. more so as the world splits splinters and falls more apart more than ever, its downward spiral a spin no one has control over diversity become the enemy and the sadness which pervades the world. 'fear to bring children into the world' to quote that old dylan song _ its been a long time since i heard that in my head

agape to the 'whole bluddin world;' 'Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Sandhyas! 1
Calling all downs. Calling all downs to dayne. Array! Surrec-
tion! Eireweeker to the wohld bludyn world

Joyce's Reprise to the speaker's Wasteland ending....

O Jeff Nuttall wouldst thou wert alive now!
Children of ALbion!

there ye have it!

one of the last lines of finnegans wake

One must keep writing the prose poem of one's life and write
24 hrs. a day.
I am always writing even when not with pen in hand.

my favorite word.


speaking of writing
i found this
Writing is like having sex with a beautiful freak; adventurous and uncomfortable to the extreme." - m. lecrivain 2004i love it