You've written a  lot of poems.

  About a million.in the tens of thousands? hundreds? really it was only 12  you wrote yes it 's  a  culture of  

Would you describe what you do as inter-disciplinary?

for sure but it doesn't put bread on the table

and it won't get me a canada council grant, nor pay the dentist,

that's all been taken up by others who are better at that sort of thing, you know, labelling , cataloguing , con vincing and persuading someone that they can do something, and maybe it's even

'cultural' and worthy of investing in.... 

 that's the way it goes, you know  it s patronage of one sort or another ...

whether institutional or not...


 That's a lot of poems   and for nothing  too....
 what made you do it?

    I was an artist, I had to do something. Started when i was young, kept going. through thin and thick. thither and hither 
shimmy this an shimmythat.

 had to something with my time.... like anyone else  .             the e l e c tric f o r c e o f    l i f  e