Arnold Schönberg : Verklärte Nacht {1/3}


                                    Cuvinte faily mine. i-am redus la lacrimi. aproape de cristal. unul simte sfârşitul finity.  words faily me. i am reduced to tears. almost crystal. one senses the end of finity.Eu nu pot vorbi.i cannot . speak ~What drama and sentiment lies there..  ‎~What drama and sentiment lies there..hush child be still.listen. gods speak here.  minutes ago ·  Ce dramă şi sentimentul se află acolo .. copil tăcerea fi still.listen. zei vorbesc aici. ·  i m listening  my head .spins. delire. drama, crahs/clas~~~ delir/e/capul meu. spini. delire. dramatice, crahs / confruntare  violin/bass/strings/ Horns~! What cry /what call of                                        

/them   a go  goo go go vioara / bas / corzi / coarne ~~~V! Ce plânge / ceea ce numim de / e  · o my god the bass ~Rumbles in the earth... hint of thunder apocalypse..                                                     ·  şi strigătul de acest corn lacrimi lui Dumnezeu ~ O Dumnezeul meu ~ bas bubuie în pământ ... indiciu de apocalipsă tunet .. the weather ~It's said snow is coming in the morning ... flurries... well I hear that wind a blowing. Now is it                                                                                                                                                            just the weather or is them winds of change?

_____                                ______________



... a lop ..


   what can you expect from a lopsided apartment
                               & lopsided knees

                                             things listing

                              how can one mother such  a beast
                                    in the dark funnel of the earth
                                                        he howled for crying






  great  british slang

         just heard it again in a movie show based on Val McDermid's book  WIRE IN THE BLOOD.

what is it about that british accent (in general) that's so heart-warming, affectionoate? loving?



--- for example

 raining in vancouver  for days spent a t time sauntering beside this old view
 near by my old place in New Westminster puts me in mind of county Cork
  & the first time I went there... following ona  friend's tracks and the ancestral place
of departure before the Grandfather boarded for Liverpoolthen Halifax then Montreal
   1904. No wonder I prefer boats to planes it's in my blood.

I didnt think I'd say there nor did I think I'd stay here
 at the callof these moutaisn I'd forgotten out
  or the Pacific out at White Rock




Move night as it's day here   the thunder of ear /and danger a man dying his ears burning to hear there's where burning counts  and recounts its daayss.



that was


my dancin' was always crooked
   even then


  knees got old'n
               they get you in the end
        cutting ya off 
       pushin  you into boxes 

 come back later yr dead
  no one knows about this except the artist
  that's kickin dust an makin smoke


Is that so???

No one believes this least of all you as you know it's not a thing you control nor talk to 
              & everyone  (really knows) live shows are never as good 
                             as the recordings
                                  so that its stupid to do 'em

   Monday tues day sore  neck
   breaking past the entry
         broken heart thing?
            what's death an life full moon?
            the agony of sun   .

             sounds too dramatic take again
               water on waves rolls
                      lover of       this            lover   lover                of  
                                lover               lover            lover

                                       of that?





re this blog's under repair and

But what's there to repair Mister Duffy?in this blog?it's not a Zeppelin it's not like it's got a hole in it and it's going to blow.

CD: My life? my life is in need of repair .. mending ..healing ..  and then               then 

  the blog a trope of the life the life being a trope of the blog and the work whatsoever its                                    been through a life. Sparing the details cleaning the clutter

tires checked

air vents snapped shut tight

sealed as the ocean above below behind us

& ahead is heavy with rain

 You talk about repairs but it doesn't look any different . a few links are gones some things are in draft  , others blogged or published or both as the case might be    ..


CD: blogs are like that/they seem one thing and are another. what's  a word ? but a box with veils hidden between and the reality the harsh reality of everyday life    a word?

  so I suppose it's not clear   to state definitively . maybe that's what you mean.

  CD  : I 'm not in control of everything   .. not necessarily the proprietor the owner of the interpretation fo my meanings ..
                              I've always said all my words are on parole  ..                         ..   

Re: this blog's under repair





this blog's under repair

 this blog's  under repairED

closed for the time being


                   and       new project started  at   the fictions of clifford duffy