__Draft ____ jonson or samel or doctor John


A zen thought crossed my mind, what remains of its stewed contents...
Dr Jonson was he the one who laid a dictionary before the empty Mirror?

aahah it came and went.

well             . Think of labels like the doctor did social strata! stations of the classical cross!

 O King, I think I've written a million words, many on the blogs that no one reads, so it's no worse than a book. Which most won't read.

However, sir, you have put your name in print more than I!
I am a perfectionist I ___ No, no! suppose. so because i am prolific I just go on creating biggger and bigger piles of paper and blogs.

I am an Imperfectionist! I am an Imperfectionist! I am an Imperfectionist! I am an Imperfectionist!

It's a method I invented when I was about 18 and a half its called go on forever , the incomplete, and the uncollected works of Clifford Duffy.
 which includes more than the writing and everything else.
 Cheer up! it can't be all that good!

talk to me its Vendridi soir Boswell. Or are ye Jonson to my TzarathustraDuffyda?