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 Greek Debt Crisis:live updates
  (the guardian)

  heading back to see so & so at the hospital   where      as  it turns    out there's  no air conditioning

               can you believe that?

  call M.P tomorrow and MNA  

  met someone from his family  /nice people/

  ________________________ then to a meeting ----------------------


 the air-conditioning prob. was solved/not as bad as i had the impression of initally 


'Exclusive: Yanis Varoufakis opens up about his five month battle to save Greece

In his first interview since resigning, Greece's former Finance Minister says the Eurogroup is “completely and utterly” controlled by Germany, Greece was “set up” and last week’s referendum was wasted.

This conversation took place before the deal.'

  & a little good news for some Greeks
Demosthenes Karkostas, a 67-year-old pensioner, stood in the midday sun waiting for a bus and joked, “Free bus rides are the only good thing that has come out of austerity.”
 (it's peanuts of course, in the big picture yet daily life has to have its compensations at moments)


"The true goal of lending money to the debtor is not to get the debt reimbursed with a profit, but the indefinite continuation of the debt, keeping the debtor in permanent dependency and subordination. For most of the debtors  for there are debtors and debtors. Not only Greece but also the US will not be able even theoretically to repay its debt, as is now publicly recognised.

So there are debtors who can blackmail their creditors because they cannot be allowed to fail (big banks), debtors who can control the conditions of their repayment (the US government) 
(Capitalism likes debt   it (feeding into the infinite vicious cycle of interest etc..etc.)

and, finally, debtors who can be pushed around and humiliated (Greece)."
 (add to this private individuals also suffering under not dissimilar conditions) (excepting the side of the argument about corruption and 'a clientelist state')

"Varoufakis himself wonders about the enigma of why banks were pouring money into Greece and collaborating with a clientelist state while knowing very well how things stood – Greece would 


have got so heavily indebted without the connivance of the western establishment. The Syriza 

government is well aware that the main threat does not come from Brussels – it resides in Greece itself, a clientelist, corrupted state if ever there was one. 

What the EU bureaucracy should be blamed for is that, while it criticised Greece for its corruption and inefficiency, it supported the very political force (the New Democracy party) that embodied this corruption and inefficiency.'"


Yanis Varoufakis

 Thoughts for a post 2008 world.



Behind Germany’s refusal to grant Greece debt relief – Op-Ed in The Guardian


(add to this private individuals also suffering under not dissimilar conditions) (excepting the side of the argument about corruption and 'a clientelist state'
                                         then there's love's austerity too
                                          _____________how does that end?

love is taken away from them that can't afford it.  if anyone dreams love is free they are deluded. love's never been free but always costly
      ____________________ perhaps writing  or the act of writing in writing is free yet everything surrounding it's milieu is costly    _ PAYment exacted.

________________ it's the writing which creates freedom ie  a quantam which is  or can be measured that changes reality the act of writing _ in this sense _ changes reality if not the facts.


 and how about love's dicatorship?

  yes it's a tyranny keeping the body down   from the lover 
                      or the desired one
                                 and an d   and  more anon