Limbaud ....& Schizobliner


 Rimbaud collects the poems he wrote in myspace ~20__ ~ 
              Rimbaud holds a ribbon 
   Verlainelefoot was working over-time  ~?


   schizo your heart's friend


 schizo your heart's friend

 schizo your heart's friend


      schizo your heart's friend


there were letters, and words
et les mots les paroles d'une   ~ 

    was a   day ebbing garden flowing away with water 
   dry dirty with the grabbing and the drab sunlight of november 
    and her ass ringing on the sun asking for the comforting illusion of love
    but the darling socks got away   




re: articulating revising archiving ....

but even the articulation of revision exists in the past: articulating revising archiving ....

 or a  past escaping the future ? what future composes its past going 'backward?'

   a kind of d.n.a. of time?

__________________________ so you have various machines going at differing speeds_____

     the majority are used to variants against a one

                                         what im aiming atis the opposite

 v ar iants against  repeating frames

_____________________________ thus the fictives which act as rousters, imaginaries. par example

.. ring in me ...


Is poetry a machine in the Deleuzo-Guattarin sense of an 'assemblage' fraught through with lines of flight and desire?

 if it is, how so?

One can ask the question against the needs of the human body?The body is not a machine but a warm living breathing being.

Bad  poetry is perhaps poetry which is still neurotic and not  removed enough to be personal even when it's I (oriented   __)

  if i learned anything when i was in the artic it's too

You mean the antartic right?
 Interlocuter asking me a question at the border

 Moi                      I lived and loved in that continent four times i was not borrowed bourgeois
                                             it was before the times of reaction

                              now I  live in the country   near sussex

 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Philosophers are always catching up    ________________> are we playing ball? with chaos?

clifford duffy added,
  "Je suis un collisionneur de concepts, pas un dialecticien", par François Laruelle, dans | philomag.com/les-idees/entr

How about when you travelled in Africa. That was  a period between  lets see   ... 1980  about   and then around back up to Italy...

   so by the time you what 28? you'd been
                         on every continent in the earth except the antartic althought I got close! once! but later  I got    there...

        ___________________ it was  a time that was easy to travel.. criss-crossing continents .. ships, and trains, and boats, sailing, walking, hitching, flying,  being with others being with groups, friends, strangers,   old friends, new, loves and not loves ....

    easy times to get around the world ...not expensive...
                  -------------------------------- we moved and travelled hither and yo n

      nor  th  
                                                      sou th

                                  her mouth





  would seeing you change anything ?

     seeing you naked? your lips  were more naked
      bare assed we both was    awkward at the beach
  in water caressed by jewels, kelp, maiden  fish clinging to the bowsprit 
  the galley coveted  

  the windjammer blocked

           the great voice caulked up with the factory of things we couldn't know
   these things trained us

               your beauty lifted me up
   like  a telephone pole looming in the country sklyline in Sussex New Brunswick
     as you're walking along the road just before the covered bridge and portable record  player
in your knapsack gets too heavy or like a priest lifting a ciborium and the matters of grace and 

  your letters got crazier


apple peels


tobacco crumbs mixed with apple peels. your ass your beauty. your come cry, icry seraphim. of beauty. whose eyes killed me. yer ass. dark. yer skin dark. black er than oil.brighter than gold. pardox of flame. desire. you smoke. stand . watch. i with templed adore. my cock a king to sing sweet to you. Lady lady back to back black one.


and here


but why here? it's where we lived for, that time,   4 years near broken into parts of time on that road, and the  view over the cathedral's terrace
   down the it gathers a crowd daily
   the wind    knocking along     over there  bunching his finger
   she turns  eyes smarting with the breeze, no t  watering
    with this the softest breeze in the Western world

  the campanile as you know is

path, route, road,
way, rail, ten, ring, fair, clearing, hedge, ornate , brass, silver, door, weighted



articulating revising archiving ....


  this little machine is going through changing  . it's a weird spooky place of creation
  decreation and recreation.

   posts appear reappear disappear like the movement of deterritorialization reterritorialization.

                                  and the articulation of totalisation retotalisatioN?


 what grace makes the signfier work this way the paper world versus the real one.