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prefix: circum-
  1. about; around.


                                                                                   raise  impious war  in heaven



    Middle English circumvolucioun, from Medieval Latiolun circumvolution-, circumvolutio, from Latin circumvolvere to revolve, from circum- + volvere to roll — more at voluble
    First Known Use: 15th century

     Definition of VOLUBLE

    :  easily rolling or turning :  rotating
    :  characterized by ready or rapid speech :  glib, fluent

    Definition of VOLUTE

    :  a spiral or scroll-shaped form

    Origin of VOLUTE

    Latin voluta, from feminine of volutus, past participle of volvere to roll — more at voluble
    First Known Use: circa 1696

    Rhymes with VOLUTE



    acute, astute, Asyût, bear fruit, beetroot, Beirut, birthroot, bloodroot, breadfruit, butut, cahoot, Canute, catsuit, cheroot, choucroute, clubroot, commute, compute, confute, crapshoot, cube root, deaf-mute, depute, dilute, dispute, dry suit, elute, en route, enroot, flight suit, folkmoot, freeboot, galoot, grapefruit, G suit, hardboot, hip boot, hirsute, imbrute, impute, jackboot, jackfruit, jumpsuit, kashruth, lawsuit, long suit, lounge suit, minute, nonsuit, offshoot, outshoot, Paiute, pantsuit, permute, playsuit, pollute, pursuit, recruit, refute, repute, salute, sans doute, seaboot, snowsuit, solute, square root, star fruit, star route, statute, strong suit, sunsuit, sweat suit, swimsuit, take root, taproot, to boot, tracksuit, trade route, transmute, tribute, uproot, wet suit, zoot suit 

              Circumfession        ge r  r r  r   ee da