so s ow


yr so greedy
                    yr s o greedy
                                so GREEdy

                           refrai    ~n


L_   bec is so schizophrenic

but then agai so
's the 
'w  'hole'   coun try

  with its alcoh lisms a n d really distin ct disti ntion s
                that are 't differecc e  at all 

  a nd   its br tality 
                               a d cr de ma   ers
                            its resen tmet  institionalized a nd resen tified


         i ts viole  t     o  es i   'bl e'
                                      a nd its viol e nt demostrators  too

   ad the cheap seat gree   li e

                                         a  d   the  est  that is like gl ue

with its   hydro  q uebec  

                  like the rest of the country 'beside'  adjacent 'to'    it
                                      an d  the whole sheba(N)g 

            of franco-capitalism
                        its pretty petty      too   ~

    it all goes back to you
                                       that's qu ite a               few 

   be t
                       as  yr

                     when  as   you' re    hungry who  cares 

 an gle

   come  back to this  2ou
                     ou les amis son t  f(e)uw





  'As S said I became something like the prince of philosophy '

   I became valiant starting at the cone ocean

     holding my breath




w a r m  as   a  s  t    o   r          m



'en passant '

                   Most artists like most people deserve a good living wage. Alas that's not the case, and one often hears cliches about money from those who made some bread selling their work and doing well in the process.

            Often though their work suffers. Few artists can afford or will get the chance to make the millions Picasso did. Victoria Edgar a printer and artist I know who lives in Victoria hated him I think it was the money ? I can't recall and Alain Costaz ... had a comment to make as well I can't remember...'

Too much fat on the artist burns up the oil that made her what she is _ a live coal a gem cutting through the dark thickness of night.


does a woman have mercy


 does a woman have mercy?

  __      Difference was reading Lacan a d ay one day a asignified at a time unfolding everything I
said was  it's a 'tory s'tory as I told about group reading of Antioedipus this was a story as the fiction's

Does a  woman have mercy ? her veiling trailing

A man can't be Shakespeare so he has to make himself.But poverty or paralysis'll dog him all his life but not to walk but to speed walk the streets along Sherbrooke street the night of longer distance hunger the golden mile the long distance street of loneliness


.. folly

Capitalism is the great sickness and artists are not exempt from either the multitude of folly it causes nor its joys  the doors it opens.Opening doors Opening ....

 But the Isms of daily life and the world (wide) are not behind the artist, she too suffers their
    draining power and lest she lose the battle and sink into the miasma of daily life and the endless conveyor belt of greed and indifference she has to be tough as love. Lest the fat on the pig skewer her too in its stew.




           then to Monaco

                      whence the rain and  river
                                                      breaking sunshine  on the swollen tide
                                        'Beau soleil'




  and i was winking at the sky as it peered down on me

   i was lifting my chin upward

    Ireland near the shore gazing north west is kind

           like the nautical waves that brought me there last  year
   then the boat-trains later
       i landed in Belgium   took the train to Antwerp crossing to the estuary

     i ended up  close to a place   a friend lived she hung her clothing out to dry

   taking me the meanwhile for  the  friend that i was
    we walked on the meadow
          i could hear the bells ringing
           she held my hand and heard the breathing

   later we visited Cologne where  the Merz man had lived &
    worked for  a time there was
        joy in the air     afterward in the countryside



come come from .. behind

   these fields of sun flooding light the eyes
  flooding eyes

  'utterly forgotten' orgone  gone  Lanyer except for a  title 'Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum containing,    it's that comma makes it Duchampian
   an underlined object hardly objet d'art  who was this rich 'chick' sitting beside not astride
Lafcadio's adventures or Harry Levin first book about the blinding man  be careful that  voice
hooking into your own not your 'own' you're owen owing rowing bowing blowing   o

'come come from behind' soft drooping voice on knees shepherd doggy bounding round this
siege of merit and come along my faeries you've heard life and dearth she's Mona's Mao trounced her 
bring it to the bend 
 O find that grip of climbing over the  dumbest price of life music the stupidest
thing created  are the  m_

  and the what's his obsession trapped between the Procrustean commentary or criticism
her idea the prose poem

Ach! another dreadful thing. Mona kicks off it between a  cock and a hard place there's banks of iris and a platoon of river 
 No Jill has her corny and mediveval , no she's the knight cacaphonic drawing  darning her wool in lather  and 

    wishing it was hope   .

 One does not want to too seriously take these fakir and  flute flyer s? Jill has a right to nay~! it's the edifying editing connection machine or something her  memory's slipped by.

    go to dream |O my Jill.



' circum '


So the writing here, here that is here in this 'very' space it's more akin closer to the actual writing of being.As it is, at the edge of the breaking , the pause , or the gone inside of what' s is. How a peccant wave,s pecial as her hair it's the

prefix: circum-
  1. about; around.


                                                                                   raise  impious war  in heaven



    Middle English circumvolucioun, from Medieval Latiolun circumvolution-, circumvolutio, from Latin circumvolvere to revolve, from circum- + volvere to roll — more at voluble
    First Known Use: 15th century

     Definition of VOLUBLE

    :  easily rolling or turning :  rotating
    :  characterized by ready or rapid speech :  glib, fluent

    Definition of VOLUTE

    :  a spiral or scroll-shaped form

    Origin of VOLUTE

    Latin voluta, from feminine of volutus, past participle of volvere to roll — more at voluble
    First Known Use: circa 1696

    Rhymes with VOLUTE



    acute, astute, Asyût, bear fruit, beetroot, Beirut, birthroot, bloodroot, breadfruit, butut, cahoot, Canute, catsuit, cheroot, choucroute, clubroot, commute, compute, confute, crapshoot, cube root, deaf-mute, depute, dilute, dispute, dry suit, elute, en route, enroot, flight suit, folkmoot, freeboot, galoot, grapefruit, G suit, hardboot, hip boot, hirsute, imbrute, impute, jackboot, jackfruit, jumpsuit, kashruth, lawsuit, long suit, lounge suit, minute, nonsuit, offshoot, outshoot, Paiute, pantsuit, permute, playsuit, pollute, pursuit, recruit, refute, repute, salute, sans doute, seaboot, snowsuit, solute, square root, star fruit, star route, statute, strong suit, sunsuit, sweat suit, swimsuit, take root, taproot, to boot, tracksuit, trade route, transmute, tribute, uproot, wet suit, zoot suit 

              Circumfession        ge r  r r  r   ee da 



o ya see you gotta


so ya see you gotta treat the blog like awashing board/work /around it/ Jill's mug is a teapot. dont force her verse into unclayed pots.shes got this spot. Ought that to be her fix. breaking off the tranquil piece of the word?




|  D r  a                  m           a  t i  c  a f f e ct  s      a  s i    d              e
|                                pure fiction
| ____________________________________________

  Outlasting Goths


every writer


each night was a  bastard without you there

  i'm dying now and know  it

  that explains everything
   it's not as bad though as I thought

  (i mean it won't happen like a mew in a clock or something   along those lines
 but sure to perish me it's happening
  it came along  like something   like a  dead walk? is that what i mean  ?
        any way     the night goes gold like a  saint
                   and  not a  dead beat with a record in  his head
hanging on a  castle by his hand
    or bleeding fingertips making easy

   the ancestor (the only one I've known) comes swelling up
   in my chest taking over my voice    my jaw my voice  my words
at times and   i know




  Spring is close by.. Almost here. She's almost. here. spring. here almost.      spring Spring.



It was a sweater   you made a  comment about it. v necked shape. and you noticed and I can almost see you now in the hallway of the party sort of bending over me as you say it  .. who's place it was I can't remember .. I was probably hung over then.. like I was so many times then.. losing my life and twenties...




 Yesterday while reading about Jeff Nuttall 

I remembred /

 half the people I know are mad'

Adrian Mitchell


Brandenburg concertos i ve been listening  the first
time i heard them was in 1970 in the winter i guess
   on recordings  records real big plastic black records
   and now I listen to them i am elated  my spirit swells

 this is sensing god

  a divinity machine but alsoa  madness machine /   one has to tread carefully with this notion of divinity it's driven humanity mad...

if one is to create a  new humanity one has to weed out these old ideas.... easy to say not so easy to do . our bodies have memories that are thousands if not millions of years old... the dna the culurual memory everyone car ries

like a box inside their blues


______ more later