.. there's something ...


i  just saw that  

                                      there's something Blakeian  about this word  'Oroonoko'
                              (youknow whatImean? yousee what 
                                    I mean?)
   Maybe Melvillian ?  perhaps Melvillian?

 Alpha beta 

  Aphra Ben

 Aphra aphrodisiac      _______________ in a debtor's prison was she
                                                               with hair down to a knee
                                ___________________in the keep winsome 
                        _________________________a lone lone bee

_________No was that plain rose english Mister jT?

______________  I have been in Greece but never saw '(r)  your name
        ________   along the Greek pyramids leaning tall
        ___________         against the weight of buildings dead long
              ___________          ago 
                          ________            in any resurrected pain
              ______________  the   king's body  for  a   q ueen
            ___________ bearing salt & vinegar
          ____________  finding fife and gift in every thing 
                       _______________ blessed by the accent of thine courting  

                               _______________ Oona had a  choice
                          ____________ thy busyness is bee busy be? busty be thou woman
                         _____________ share holder not cropped
  _____________________worsted by the wool of thy ve(a)inity 
                        _____________V necked sweater  Beth 
                                                _____________ i like your sweater  then 
                       _____________________  of the nights we swam golden and hid
                                  _____________ looked at it later
                                          ____________ was an hind of the lifting cloud
                           _____________noticed it was vaginal flowery
                                          _______Ooona has become no one  by the ship  
                           ______________masting at its furl  _________far off ___to cutter__

                                       not close _______as proximty ____nor thy imagined life________