a                               all my    your               poems are on parole 
  yr  verse    are on         parole (d)

                                                                                                                       all the poems are on parole


  It' time to look at word press too after 12 years in bloggerspoutting



no one knows really HOw it Is goiGn to work out with this new government of lineal lIberals except its' going to round back where it came from

 cause the machine's bigger/meaner/vaster/mor e paranoidly profit Directed than ever

Privatiazation  we  are privates  in its army __ privates  private parts shit

Privatiza tion is a form of piratationsons?

what new word required to describe the monstrosity?


delphi _sybil


first blogged this in 2010 round aboutt  the time i read about it first 

 what mysterious figures these are! ______________ her sculpture seems to suggest to me the original coloring of the Acropolis and it's statues and figures.


T H E  A R T W O R K  OF  L A U R I   P A N O P O U L O S 

  I came across Lauri Panopoulos work via reading what Corry Shores was writing about it  in 2010. 
{ICorry does a much better job connecting the things of sculpture and thought.]

Poor Northern


Think of poor Northern England!

Think of poor Northern England!
floods and flooding!



stampede dogs_old but new to be?

 this is from 2011

---------------------- What does Ferlinghetti say
"the pure products of America go crazy ...."
I knew americans were crazy. never even heard of 'black friday' day aft eR american thanks giving. well blow me over. a person trampled to death

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| the capitalist machines doesnt mind a few local deaths to remind the consumer of what the machines about   the oligarchy __ the between _the billion of others

Black Friday Stampede Kills Worker At Wal-Mart

"Update: The New York Daily News is now saying that reports of a woman having a miscarriage during a Wal-Mart Black Friday stampede are unfounded.

A 28-year-old pregnant woman was knocked to the floor during the mad rush. She was hospitalized for observation, police said. Early witness accounts that the woman suffered a miscarriage were unfounded, police said.

From The New York Daily News:

A worker died after being trampled and a woman miscarried when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island Wal-Mart Friday morning, witnesses said.

The unidentified worker, employed as an overnight stock clerk, tried to hold back the unruly crowds just after the Valley Stream store opened at 5 a.m.


 consumer frenzy of fish. piranas. Fuck go shopping foR things on sale? she  can rarely shop at all. Got to arrange to meet with a friend so you  can buy winter boots. had it  her way, she'd  go from winter forever. to warmer climes sandal clad, barefeet. the world, my dear
buccaneers is a madhouse


so one goes on the lam, full flight, on the slope the witch's broom. daddio. hit the road. away from the mad(ding) herd.

America red white and blue
we love you.
happy turkeys and thanksgiving mister obama and his plate of chicken h.clinton. the warbride woman. oh yea, oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah


re .. i... love ..

that Hateful Eight his new movie . is what's amazing. the humor and also his capacity to grab at something essentially chaotic in the american movement west and south post civil war.   a crazy kind of nihilistic sentimentalism and racism which  amazingly enough to everyone still runs strong and is an everyday happening, an every day event in the usa of a even with their black president in their white house.
black eyes white landscape. reminiscent of the some of the points raised in ..... book(s)

 Probly the writer that gets at that best is Cormac McCarthy.  the books not the movies which are no damn good at  all

 the sun shines and it glows a mild mild winter plus near ten and the weather gods are good to us
  this winter

            as last winter they lashed  with furious pelting snow and hateful cold

 not so this winter it's a baby winter on wheels

   spring like feeling and its sort of apropos given this is supposed to be about the celebration of a birth

but of course that birth cost an awful price and within hours  thousands more were sacrificed for its sake.. there you go a despotic signifier

costing innocence its breath

___________ Mona says these are the rings of capital and history  the vast ism of sacrifice and voice what voice believes love tells.

+++++++++++++++++++++ ___________________

... is


   .. hockey is capitalism's best friend    a dear accouter of millions rolling in.. the profit zooming out to uncountable billions.... enuff to ride to Mars and back.. and then some ...


.. i... love ..


              i    l  o                 v                  e    Quentin Tarantino



Re Ulysses / last sentence which will lead to the last word of Finnegans Wake which is the


Re   there's more to say about that part of the book and ill say so soon soon as the moon finishes writing and wrapping the    tale of



_____________between these things Mona holds a shaker. Nothing to dream nothing to see. Come again Mona  JIll retrieves . retrieve in dig. And the world is a nation. A rational halfflavor.

 it goes

   the imaginary of hill
   the blocked sight views the endless narrow
   passageway of tears and lies and  a redhead
     oin the rain bus
   ain't she there again
 refrain repeating from its neanderthal name

 drawing this sketch to its permanent code

    a reason to temporarily seize imagine ____e   ~

   as the waitress winter but the other one aloof removed as any summer job

refusing  to speaking a s a  witness to the strange days of sun       

  and men

 figment of        night body
         she peers down to me at her right

this hard red hair
                 the same leather jacket

pinned up the same way

and all these time


  No one hears the sudden fluttering heart.






   being poor is  a  bore 
     makes everything  a chore

                        there's no more _________________________



'That's not life for men and women, ...


-- But it's no use, says he. Force, hatred, history, all that. That's not life for men and women, insult and hatred. And everybody knows that it's the very opposite of that that is really life.
-- What? says Alf.
-- Love, says Bloom. I mean the opposite of hatred.

Leopold Bloom in   the  Cyclops  episode of Ulysses_James Joyce


yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he 

kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with 

my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put 
my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his 

heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes. 

 Ulysses / last sentence which will lead to the last word of Finnegans Wake which is the




several links to my work






Rembetiko_To praktoreio (Το πρακτορείο)

including links in this last post to all the clips this one
Music: Stavros Ksarxakos
Lyrics: Nikos Gkatsos

Το πρακτορείο
θολό και κρύο
κάποιοι μιλάνε για παράξενες βροχές
και το ταξίδι
σαν άγριο φίδι
γεμίζει φόβο τις αδύνατες ψυχές

Απόψε μοιάζουμε κι οι δύο
πιο πίσω 'γω κι εσύ μπροστά
σα βραδινό λεωφορείο
που 'χει τα φώτα του σβηστά
για μας ο κόσμος δεν τελειώνει
για μας ο κόσμος αρχινά
μα της καρδιάς το μαύρο χιόνι
δε θα μας βγάλει πουθενά

Το πρακτορείο
Θολό και κρύο
κάποιοι μιλάνε για παράξενες βροχές
και το ταξίδι
σαν άγριο φίδι
γεμίζει φόβο τις αδύνατες ψυχές

Άντρα και γείτονα και φίλε
στη φτώχεια και στην προσφυγιά
μια παγωμένη σπίθα στείλε
να σου την κάνω πυρκαγιά
Κι αν δεν καείς έλα κατόπι
που δε θα μείνει πια κανείς
για να γίνουμε πάλι ανθρώποι
στο κήπο της Γεθσημανής

with Lyrics in Greek which would take too long to translate . anyone can find the words I am sure in English.
well its been what, 3 posts about this?

time to see the film
----------- dig the zanie ladies at the house balcony near end of this clip. painted faces. ladies of island they're hilarious wiggling their fingers and asses! saying come and get it!
For sure I need to see whole film now.

You tuber writes
"Rembetiko 1983. Marika (Sotiria Leonardou), meets Babis (Nikos Kalogeropoulos). Her life will never be the same. Kostas Ferris directed and Stavros Xarxakos wrote the music. Takis Zervoulakos was the outstanding cinematographer and Sotiria Leonardou wrote the scenario."


in canadadadada land

'in' canadadadada land where nothing exists besides the immanence
flows of there's a side line flows along sides of artic
and other puzzled pieced geographs side of the line that cloaks
its flow its floak of Francais et Anglais et les neiges
qui parles des autres et le sang qui chante dans le bouillon
de terres des hommes et les mere les mere de Oedipe of Heedeepus
his mudder Y'ocasta sfirst stone or the shrugging shoulder
of the Jewish book-seller
where the bear stalks and the gufflalo gloam
but bison pack it in at 42 of witches and other condign figures
bt not the 'h'old wars please,not
not de'h'old wars s.v.plait of immanence and artic
La Nouvelle France and les guerres d'antan a programme
not a party a slang not a ridge where
snow flakes fatten on the gooseberry
in that space Gwendolyn spoke of where was a boy
her honeyed hair straw as ice She know where is an Hind
of awkward pools of Sesame and blother bizzare 'pasures'
of exalted ones, les exaltes s.v.plait et mon force
et de connaitre l'autre this latin tacks its
North to South medicating gather berries on the South
winds of rocking ailers their boiler room buddies
St. Catherine street its deaths notthe Toronto hubs
its bars whores guff literary coaches scarlet beaches
the dead blameless not the fiery warning of
stormy warning dead fires fizzle now their warming
coughed in the gone of their belongness some immanence
which catches its cut awkward size of the not flookers
gapes a positive note in its treble-clef of desire
(not drafting all their way to the bank of
credit & debit chair)
Nietzsche's Daughter brings you her skirt
kept in the kilt of time
like murmur murmur murmur song

beleaguered flag of treasure test thy trove
make a sticking berry to worry yer song
not a mackerel to hitch yer trousers

Holy Mackerel hitch your trousers
loose lent intent
grabbing at the flick of dock


the important thing's to recall the names of those not recall'd the ones
read not read heard not re-called from the grave of their bead book
and worry not the
recall the few fit and merry the many starry and struck
paused and engulfed of their books esteem


agreed . agreed , l o v e r .


comment: I love an ancient immanence for its novel geology ~




resending sent . consent . recursive return. dust felt pen. lap around the storm . of yer room
"A deliberately poetic vocabulary, a record of

ideas incompatible with common speech, would be a
different matter, however. The world of appearances
is complicated, and language has only verbalized a

miniscule part of its potential, indefatigable
combinations. Why not create a word, only one, for
the converging perception of the cow bells announcing
day's end and the sunset in the distance? Why not
invent another for the dilapidated and threatening
face of the streets at dawn? And another for the
well-meaning though pitifully ineffectual, first
streetlamp to go on at dusk while it is still light
out? And another for our lack of trust in ourselves
after we have done wrong?" (JLB, 1926)

There is no whole self. Any of life's
present situations is seamless and sufficient.
Are you, as you ponder these disquietudes, anything
more than an indifference gliding over the argument
I make, or an appraisal of the opinions I expound?"
(Jorges Louis Borges, 1922)

Deleuze from the film made with Claire Parnet _L' ABCdaire __ summarized by Professor Charles Stivale.
The section I have excerpted is near the end of the Letter A_ Deleuze expanads expounds on barbaric words, words coined from other words... the secret sources of philosophical terms...

"Moreover, one must consider behavior in the territory as the domain of property and ownership, territory as "my properties" in the manner of Beckett or Michaux. Deleuze here digresses slightly to discuss the occasional need in philosophy to create "mots barbares", barbaric words, even if the word might exist in other languages, some terms that he and Guattari created together. In order to reflect on territory, he and Guattari created "deterritorialization" (Deleuze says that he has found an English equivalent of "the deterritorialized" in Melville, with "outlandish"). In philosophy, he says, the invention of a

barbaric word is sometimes necessary to take account of a new notion: so there would be no territorialization without a vector of leaving the territory, deterritorialization, and there's no leaving the territory, no deterritorialization, without a vector of reterritorialization elsewhere. In animals, these territories are expressed and delimited by an endless emission of signs, reacting to signs (e.g. a spider and its web) and producing signs (e.g. a wolf track or something else), recognized by hunters and trackers in a kind of animal relationship.Here Parnet wonders if there is a connection between this emission of signs, territory, and writing. Deleuze says that they are connected by living an existence "aux aguets", "être aux aguets," always being on the lookout, like an animal, like a writer, a philosopher, never tranquil, always looking back over one's shoulder. One writes for readers, "for" meaning "à l'attention de," toward them, to their attention. But also, one writes for non-readers, that is, "for" meaning "in the place of," as did Artaud in saying he wrote for the illiterate, for idiots, in their place. Deleuze argues that thinking that writing is some tiny little private affair is shameful; rather, writing means throwing oneself into a universal affair, be it a novel or philosophy. Parnet refers parenthetically to Deleuze and Guattari's discussion of Lord Chandos by Hoffmanstahl in A Thousand Plateaus. Deleuze says that writing means pushing the language, the syntax, all the way to a particular limit, a limit that can be a language of silence, or a language of music, or a language that's, for example, a painful wailing (cf. Kafka's Metamorphosis). Deleuze argues that it's not men, but animals, who know how to die, and he returns to cats, how a cat seeks a corner to die in, a territory for death. Thus, the writer pushes language to the limit of the cry, of the chant, and a writer is responsible for writing "for", in the place of, animals who die, even by doing philosophy. Here, he says, one is on the border that separates thought from the non-thought."

___ Think of the territory of love, desire at a distance __ the language of blogs __ the space of a page blog ___one medium shaping over and twisting another.

bodies in a distance an insuperable one of mis_placed desire

these days aside or beside being an artist __ worker producer i am working on this 'document' __ about Paradise Lost

and the __ mostly the concept of territory and monotheism __
thinkin thinkin yer thinkin like ink aroun dyer scrappage
and I am also thinkin' a lot about the desire-machines __ how does one take a reactive machine and convert it into
a working part of one's productive faculties __?

think of Salvadore Dali and how he turned his own paranoia into the , what he called the paranoid-critical method __ or
artists shaping their folly into a method ___

Sour Orange becomes edible celery__

a little problem I have is __ I dont eat __ I have food in the fridge but leave it there __ I stay at the writing machine overtime __

Oranges 've gone bad in my fridge __ thinkin' of you__the writingmachine becomes a lover writing machine __ O Desire!
of ten strengths!

O lyre
O continent

__ it's easy to make lyric poems that have no context or float around in the air _ but what happens when you have
big earth pounders only say 200 yards from yer workroom and the shaking and pounding stops you from making sentences
about territory and Satan and monotheism and the stupid world never stops __ imagine doing this in a war zone?
impossible __ for some

these 'earthPounder things' are used to bash holes in the ground
so as to Build I suppose condominiums as they're called __
gulag buildings for the future __

'they bash us with gramophones'
I wrote once at the end of a poem __

artpoetry are always possible but may not always
be necessary

'every author creates from a true necessity' Tristan Tzara said this in the 1918 Dada manifesto__ almost 100 years ago gone.

Interesting __ anguish of contradiction __ Love at a body
at a distance __
permissive forbidden fruit
Adam A and Eve B
years later __


this is not the film which is resumed aBLove.
wonderous wonderfully.

this is
Gilles Deleuze a Vincennes 1980 _ Lignes des Fuites et lignes de Vie


1980 wld. be the period between the publication of Antioedipus (vol. 1 of
Captialism and Schizophrenia and One Thousand Plateaus _ the latter
being Volume 2.)

this link to another video about stupidity

La bêtise
Uploaded by DocMango


Dotor Duffy resendin an older blog.... pedagogy of relearning... detailed. retaled.





   being poor is
                                                  a  bore  

  (drilling your thru your head 

                                       even ....   .......               .....               .......    )

                     everything  is  a chore

                        there's no more _________________________




Scenes from the life _ 1974 How it was


Summer Villeneuve street 1973 was it 74 Bonnie me reading Unnameable Molly Malone. Aphasia of amnesiac present of gold book pages falling. She back from Greece, anecdotes of her friend there who'd been given some money by Beckett. I thought it was a funny story , and no doubt it was a true one.
She came to me one morning that summer and she was coughing blood. She died a week later.

Bizarre life of.

Jean Genet asking friends, is it good? Is that writing? Am I a poet, he says, prefers to be called a poet. Not like the whores of ---- a we censorship here as Mona does not want to be called a whip by the territories or powers that be and determine Careers. All is fiction, Angela, that was a good practice. I am the name between the grooves in the recording studio. When looked at me across the room, and the cello player, saw this, I felt a momentary , a moment, a glimpse into, envy. Envy of bodies for each . and one another. Sawa flash into. what wont be named. cannot.

Some charming snip-snaps in The Guardian from Beckett Remembering Remembering Beckett, to be published by next month. Next month meaning April
which is the cruellest month .

One as as this:

Then, out of the blue, five or 10 minutes later, he leant across the table and said, ‘You really liked it, huh? You really thought it was good?’ This was Samuel Beckett, remember, and not even he had any grasp of the value of his work. No writer ever knows, not even the best ones. ‘Yes,’ I said to him. ‘I really thought it was good.’
Scenes from the life of Sam

This is like one of those stories that Edmund White
recounts in his biography of Jean Genet.

Genet asking friends, am I a good writer?

Am I a good writer? am I a writer? am I a poet?
what sickness is this? what charming
childlike question.

What temper of uncertainty.

Or perhaps
pure apocrypha

the gossip of literary matters.

Sweet gossip of love letters, litterture, littersure.

Shall we see our faces in the sea treasure of time.




  are you a magician?



Re: Re: Re: am A__ but it's been raining &but


its amazing about all of that but

Re: Re: Re: am A__ but it's been raining &


Re: Re: am A__ but it's been raining &

 but it's been raining &



  but what soft water this west coast rain

       i had forgotten

                 how light&soft and even

                     how it lightens people

Re: Re: am A


Re: am A

 __________________________ Proscenium here editor______________________________


 it's not  a good piece of writing at all what' s           interesting am A

is  the collage effect but the actualy 'poem' is  pretty shitty. C.D.Yes, I agree 

it can be fixed perhaps 

  changing the  I it to a you as  in   'you are a hippy and you live like

                                                         one becoming something faded " no, that's no good either

. and the hippy thing that ought to be changed something along the lines of 

you live like  apostpunk hippy ? and you got the blues

    you got new shoes and yr name is a curse and a donkey's ass

 s trumming yr guitar with Portugese shoes and sardines and booze I only

whipped together to please them and keep them in line

             with my ability to schmooze!"

Hhahahhaha what  apiece of shit!
_______________ " an press the button on yr phone so she can snooze

                                        yr a jerking class kiss ass with nothing to do!"

hahah its easy to crap mocking crap

___________________________________Yr so funny! You make me want to vomit!

You were so nice at first

and  now you're  acurse

with bloody flaming blue hair

and yr postmodernist zizekian streaks and glittery elvis pair of hipes you got from the shitty dollar store

where you cruise

_____________________I know it gets worse

half lines with busted blank verse

second rate 'freed' verse and sudden lapses in the rythm the meter like a puddle of cement

cropping around here and there the bleak benighted echo of cadence

Slop an Slew 

it's what you do

it's what you do

with your lousy attitude! 

your lousy attitude!

____________ Chorus " with your lousy attitude" repeat 5times at full volume

_______________ Enter left a  bunch of prancing s.....s which cant be said anylonger due to censorious......

 the censored subjects  announce their Role .  


                                                           but it improves changing the I to You

 No has chaos

Like we do we do 

No one knows chaos the way we do

 when we shit and we sit

 we know chaos better than you

 better than you

we shit and sit better than you we'

re better and always was

we're better and less stupid

we're smarter and less dumb

...............................  Chorus bows exiting stage right which is on the left side of the blog stage to the viewer's  view. view. vie w .

CP and the purpose of this little snappy piece of addled mockery!

________________________CD  its you!~ its you! its You! I swear

                                    to be true to you!
                                 the more you put me down

                              the better I feel the better

                                       I do!



CULTURE MACHINE:2007 Recordings: Journal

CULTURE MACHINE:2007 Recordings: Journal

InterRegNum num nuts


reblogged from 2007 with recent touch-ups

____i treat finnegans wake as a  instrument musical at times and at others as a  learning center ___________________________________________________________________ 

InterRegNumFinnegans Wake contra Milton's: "InterRegNumFinnegans Wake contra Milton's The poignt of fun where I am crying to arrive you at. FW, 160 JJ's genius is to arrive at fun after tragoady !_____Not an an easy or cheaply purchased fun nor comedy as there's also great .. malaise there 

...________________________________________ theafflictions!

 Lawd Hep us! thy Heps O Woman! they talk about hypertext what about the Wake? with its literally thousands of crossing over denotative connotative connections?In fact Bell research labraotories were studying Finnegans Wake in the early 50's . The reference to this fact can be found in A Reader's Guide to Finnegans Wake by Tindall, the American scholar. I first read that endfoot note reference (with deference to Joyce and others) when I was just turning  19. they were ahead of the literary critics (what's new) as I too was. Running ahead.

Alone  but not alone .

Just turning

Just turning  .
(almost went lyrical there. but god forbid i ever give credence to musicans or their false place in art and literature. musicans ought to be handled with not Kid gloves But Metal Mittens!! except

Mozart who was more than a mere musican.)

The question is monastic. Get thee to a nunnery ! that's Hamlet's solution an easy thing for him to say as he was only going to be alive for what? 4 acts? 6 scenes. goodbye the rest is silence. 

Well no one went silent Mister.

the play went on in spite of Hamlet and his successors the infinite array of neurotics (including myself when I'm neurotic)  throughout the expanding universe ..  

__________________________________________  Mona astic    nothing serious here but a breaking down of word forms and syntax's fancy ass, or aunt. pronounced ant. As the brogue on my brain's my own.

a writer like I-i never reaches her majority because .___________it wld. imply volition._____ 

 in fact i am not joycean as he was all will and Alexandrian if you want to use an old fashioned term.
I am a terminal
Dyoniasn who's been kept in shackles!

But all of that is mythical bullshit

laugh stage right the thing was snitted


____________________________An older text _____________________________

Insist on sending else wise as well Owl face, yer ass is clean! like a cell! hahahah henry miller
Commentary to follow.

Uhad an ass that was a hand. ~ we held it twogether.

Some body got lucky

OF THIS judge there are none. as each belong to her own schizozine cart
now the lame
worm give forth

yer tune
come for then it's close to muster
cunning to its Unheimlichyou've borne petal
to every railway stir
name this charlatan love
hug its rag to her nape
sitting on her lap
bending is always best sound

fork out wave
chandelier wrap around hip
wheated the woof of her
divorcee like care

little bastard
is that yer aloof night




|  whose name was writ in water  balkan blake hurrying round the sand of her bulgarian skirt kirtle her swirling smooth hip



economics of love and investments of desire


 the economics of love

 determines  our private lives in spite of so called public decisions. we are prisoners until we find that place in ourselves where we are free or in a place with others co creating where we are free .   how this happens is a mystery and remains  .

.   or really it is the mystery of the ages   .

maybe this can only be understood  .

not believed .


dd4 picabia

yet another laptop pounded into dust!




S'om pogues partir son voler ___Arany Zoltán aranzoltan

S'om pogues partir son voler
De so don plus a·l cor volon,
Can no·n pot jauzimen vezer,
L'uns dels grans sens fora del mon!
Car, de las grans foudatz que·i son,
Es be la maier, qui s'enten
Segre son dan ad escien,
Car doblamen
Fai faillimen --
Pero greu er fis amics drutz privatz
Si·l bes e·l mals e·l jois e·l dan no·il platz.

Tot aisso mi vengr'a plazer,
Si tot sui el maltraich prion,
S'Amors mi volgues tant valer
Que l'amoros cors deziron
Mi pagues d'un joi jauzion,
Qu'assatz par que for'avinen
Qez agues del ben qui·l mal sen!
Q'ie·n preira cen
Malstraitz sofren,
E fora·m jois e plazers mout onratz,
S'apres cen mals en fos d'un joi pagatz.



_________________________________text montage _______(or collage as its sometimes referred to albeit i don't find that's  a satisfactory description of pasting texts together this way ____________________

 there   at repeal disgrace with fortune & women's eyes I or  petitioning all alone beweep my in cast state an trouble deaf heaven with R bootless cries  And look were it less toil  to sway his nations than consume his life to head an army than to rule a harem A disk of blood distant & heav'ns & earths roll dark between upon herself and curse our fate wishing me like to one more ity-itch rich in hope featur'd like him then strait commands that at the warlike sound of trumpets loud and clarions be upreard hers mighty standard  like him with friends possess'ddessesiring this man's part and that man's scope o so jaonickally all barely in their typtap describing a charming dactylogram of nocturnes tears such as angels weep burst forth at last withal what most enjoy contented least

threw aside her arrowsand laid down her sounding Bow She sooth'd her with soft words  brought her to alamabron's bed  In moments new created for delusion interwoven round about yet yet thence his lustful orgies he enlarg'd buet even to that hill of scandal by the grove of moloch homicide, lust hard by hate imyself almost despising haply I think on thee  forest huge of spears and when my state like to the shark-lark at break of day arising from sullen earth bring hymns hymneal  at heaven's gate for thyore sweet 'ove remember'd For who can think remmissionsuch wealth brings that then you scorn to change my 

state witha thingking' silver key through your gate . -

I-m-m-e-d-i-a-t-e-l-y the Lark mounted with a loud trill from C's Vale



O Fortuna


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"O Fortuna" in the Carmina Burana manuscript (Bavarian State Library Clm 4660, f. 1r). The poem occupies the last six lines on the page, along with the overrun at bottom right.
O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis,
semper crescis
aut decrescis;
vita detestabilis
nunc obdurat
et tunc curat
ludo mentis aciem,
dissolvit ut glaciem.

Sors immanis
et inanis,
rota tu volubilis,
status malus,
vana salus
semper dissolubilis,
et velata
michi quoque niteris;
nunc per ludum
dorsum nudum
fero tui sceleris.

Sors salutis
et virtutis
michi nunc contraria,
est affectus
et defectus
semper in angaria.
Hac in hora
sine mora
corde pulsum tangite;
quod per sortem
sternit fortem,
mecum omnes plangite!
O Fortune,
like the moon
you are changeable,
ever waxing
and waning;
hateful life
first oppresses
and then soothes
as fancy takes it;
and power
it melts them like ice.

Fate – monstrous
and empty,
you whirling wheel,
you are malevolent,
well-being is vain
and always fades to nothing,
and veiled
you plague me too;
now through the game
I bring my bare back
to your villainy.

Fate is against me
in health
and virtue,
driven on
and weighted down,
always enslaved.
So at this hour
without delay
pluck the vibrating strings;
since Fate
strikes down the strong man,
everyone weep with me!


  She and was it
He to who reading he words in the magic golden book s WASamazed at their perspicacity  the Irish girl saying, it's obvious , it's obvious to sing on your head, and (t)read with yer toes.and clothings  but to laminate the sticks Now that is another ting! Altogether!alltwogather. with 24 rooms in case you have guests . you become head of the dumb country. country of te dumb .you
ve beccome a head-waiter! ahmmmm the dumb-waiter at the gap of the mouth.

Nothing is easier than to familiarize oneself with the mammalian
brain. Get a sheep's head, a small saw, chisel, and forceps... and unravel the parts ... Gia  nodded asleep a drone on Del's sleeve


Once on a time, a schizo time it was a pUblicker offerEd a Booke to a poet, but when it came time to tit-a-tit the publiker got scaredypants and peed and ran when the contract was due its past date of immanence and imminent peril. what then , became of the poet poster?

She blogged her misfortune past the dogs heading foR the hills of hide and plenty mocking and knocking at many doors,

nothing worse than a poet who does not keep her word, replaced displaceD or otherwise

and then Mona,like Orphee besidebefore her Knew that all was Hell.Nope it come 
to be another thing.

in this bad bad bad world .

_______________________So there are fictions and the Mama duffy chronicleto come ~.

you can feel it


  a winter song (old style)_____

i can feel it in my bones
(alternate: you can feel it in my bones you can feel it in your alones (alones alones) )
i can see it in my ice-cream cones!

 what? winter snows!
   & truck blows!
never-ending woes!

hahahhah winter nose!
 frozen toes
  (alternate  as above you can see it in your ice-cream cones your cones your alones)
      & forbidden clothes &
 an things which glow in the dark~!



_______________'a 'g'ape__'_______

   that __________________| the beL_Ow__||||___________

was written a while go back and ought to be framed in with the notion of quantity and quality as it's discussed by Tristan Tzara over the course of several essays  written in the 30's & 40's of the last century.almost a hundred since he began to make his mark as one of the several co inventors of daDa the old hobby horse the anti-dialectic. Monsieur Antiphilosophe.

the idea of poetry as knowledge which is exponential to the  movement of class history and  this is entwined with his understanding of Hegel and Marx and the transformation of property into poetry as a luxury whose event will be for all in the future. as in Lautreomont's cry that Poetry should be Made by all and Everyone .

Poetry must be made by all and not by one. ...



______________the below is the older text    _______________________________________________________________________________

it seems i gotta take back what I wrote about Pound and Basho. im not sure it would have made any difference had Pound read Basho, prettyset in his ways he was. a racist delire? something each of us faces nowadays. more so as the world splits splinters and falls more apart more than ever, its downward spiral a spin no one has control over diversity become the enemy and the sadness which pervades the world. 'fear to bring children into the world' to quote that old dylan song _ its been a long time since i heard that in my head

agape to the 'whole bluddin world;' 'Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Sandhyas! 1
Calling all downs. Calling all downs to dayne. Array! Surrec-
tion! Eireweeker to the wohld bludyn world

Joyce's Reprise to the speaker's Wasteland ending....

O Jeff Nuttall wouldst thou wert alive now!
Children of ALbion!

there ye have it!

one of the last lines of finnegans wake

One must keep writing the prose poem of one's life and write
24 hrs. a day.
I am always writing even when not with pen in hand.

my favorite word.


speaking of writing
i found this
Writing is like having sex with a beautiful freak; adventurous and uncomfortable to the extreme." - m. lecrivain 2004i love it


dd d 2


am A




you are I am a hippy   post punk hippy  live like one. Possibilly thee last one. A poet, that is what is

that? something no    It is a way  
 not a way to use people
or use them. sex      has nothing        to do. with becomings

You (i) are- am a hip    who lives by the word which word  a word
not the dirty lie of fantasy

wait is my body my own?
   is your body your own?
your very own body yr very own body?

Not yours (neither mine mine lover) , you prisoner of love
I am the voice which speaks

your name between my sheets
                                                      waiting all day long for your name

A poet a hippy useless things(Sa....e)

foR the world to create

the above text& text image is an experiment |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||




Rota Fortunae

Sors immanis
et inanis,
rota tu volubilis,
status malus,
vana salus
semper dissolubilis,
et velata
michi quoque niteris;
nunc per ludum
dorsum nudum
fero tui sceleris.
. . . . . . . . . .
Fortune rota volvitur;
descendo minoratus;
alter in altum tollitur;
nimis exaltatus
rex sedet in vertice
caveat ruinam!
nam sub axe legimus
Hecubam reginam.


..nature ...


the schizoid  divided &  secret?    nature of writing ,

                      books , texts , print , writing , film , image , material ,

                                 song, rhapsody, poems, blogs ,  hands,    finger, star,

           breathing  ,  not breathing     
                                                                              finding air & death   



______________ the ..nature ------------------------------


   the schizoid nature of  writing ,

  books ,  texts  ,  print ,  writing ,    film  ,    image  ,   material   ,    

 is  more than schizoid    

                                       its   diversiant   over a  rough cut diamond 


           better than  a               woman' s     ass  


                                          worse than her tits 

rounder than her lips

                                                               crumbling like the rib of any born Adam