Un Américain ( Un Canadien ?) à Paris,


Avanti !

                       Un Américain à Paris, des Américains dans Avanti ! (3/5)

Avanti ! En route ! Entrez ! Allons-y ! Denisa Kerschova récompense les auditeurs matinaux en leur concoctant deux heures de programmation musicale pour un réveil apaisant et vivifiant ! Cette semaine...


C. si une

C .

                   Je pense  a toi ce soir.  pourquoi . tu pense a  moi? je ne sais pas. On pense pas pourquoi or pour 'qui' on pense que on pense a  quelqu’un que on a aimez ...     même dans le circonstance étrange   et en dehors les limite défini  par l'ordre des choses.....

  C    Il  y a  des vrais fou dans la monde   mais c'est n'est pas nous ou notre folie était des lignes   qui cherchait des autres lignes  

    des lignes et    très forte, même rare     et  c'est pour que ça avait durer si long   .... des lignes de fuite entres amants si proche que ils on même jamais trouver le nécessite de sa rencontre  .


.... Sweet ....Rosetta 'caught a comet ...'

Rosetta orbiting Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and scanning its surface to make scientific measurements. The colours of the beams and their shape on the surface represent two different instruments imaging and analysing the comet.

The Rosetta orbiter has a total of 11 instruments to study the characteristics and environment of the comet. Rosetta is taking images of the comet at a variety of different wavelengths, measuring its gravity, mass, density, internal structure, shape and rotation, and assessing the properties of its gaseous, dust-laden atmosphere, or coma. It is also probing the surrounding plasma environment and analysing how it interacts with the solar wind.

Rosetta also carries a small lander, Philae, which will descend to the surface of the comet and make in situ measurements using its suite of 10 instruments.

The animation is not to scale; the comet is about 4.1 km wide and Rosetta is 32 m across including its solar wings, and it conducts scientific investigations at a range of altitudes. The comet shape is based on a true comet shape model.







call this the temptation to fascism? a fascist-delire justifying the madness of one empire by invoking the evils of another.....

Also Compare Michael Hardt and Negri's work on Jefferson in their book Multitude (2004),

Compare   Patrick Cockburn's 


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------------------------the Left right Right left Monsters--------- the double knot . ... double~bind

____________________________________________________________ Daily Hitler: Camera Comics!------------------------------: Camera Comics #3, published in 1944, featuring a cover showing a female American combat reporter (Linda Lens) walloping a Nazi with a Koda...

from the Chomsky Vids

            I cry but I can'

buy Your Veteran's Day poppy It don't get me high It can only make me cry It can never grow another Son 

like the one who warmed me my days

After rain amd warmed my breath My life's blood Screamin' empty 

she cries It don't get me high It can only make me cry Your Veteran's Day poppy I cry but I can't I cry but I 

can't I cry but I can't I cry but I can't I cry but I can't

.................. I cry but I can't I cry but I can't I cry but I can't I cry but I can't I cry but I ca.........


11 November


  their war(s) ./ your bodies.

                                            grandfather speaking    one day  'war's  a terrible thing terrible'

                                      same grandfather

                                                talking about the good times in London before going to into combat

                    from  19 39    to      44 (Holland Belgium not Fr ance) 
                                                                             'War's a  lovely thing  ' it was natural he was talking about the party that went on for him    weird   what about the battle of britain /guss he didnt notice that he was inebriated? ogled? stunned by the empire a  /poor irishman/ off the boat / 1909 to Canada/ UnempLOyed in the Great Depression  __ the weird war was  a  relief?

    i never  got that side out of him    but He hated Hitler  .    as who wouldn't ?

  who wouldnt hate dicators ?

Stephen Harper left the Beijing APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation) conference early.

Following the official photo op, Minister Stephen Harper hopped back across the Pacific to Canada for Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Cenotaph (rebranded as the War Memorial)

in Ottawa, and more photo ops.

Dishonouring Remembrance Day: Harper's photo-op hop across the Pacific

  BUsYNess as Usual 
----------------------------------------  Capitalism reuses the dead body of its own sentiment.
After the November 11 ceremony, Harper will turn right around and hop back across the Pacific towards New Zealand for an official visit,

 and then on to Brisbane for the G20 Summit (November 15-16) where he can be part of yet another photo op.'

_______________________________________________________________ the unlikely bond between war and peace