the new


    /  bit it's   (c) Old in its own   older way   isn't it?|

 the new world is a country wrong as shit
   but new nonetheless not whored out by its occupying armies

  of lust  & wealth making europe look lily 'white' as pigeon goosestepping  soldats

 but the new world for all that
                is  a   country of new
      newing its ever certainty and faultlines of revelation

   to travel to the old world is a hearkening to nostalgia

        what beauty's there is  mold must and

  this here new  mountains lake and air the combine


Is this really How Jill saw the  novel      umknown and outlandish   plumbing?

 what faucet leaked that Franny heard the running woods  agains t  the banning books.


   m. never read them
actually Blake knew them before they were    ~
  as Whitman
  and his wide road ever turning changing with the multiple passes