re milton


there's more to this than meets the eye    ~ after all it's a cosmic war between concept s zzz of how becoming and the world operates. if the re are out er space ships waiting to take 'us all' sliding down the great divide, ya digital,

              of outer space whence the space race looks like kids stuff

The vision of Blake wheeling in the air eyes burning  with the fires 


 the real truth about milton is in blake.  blake a handful of others. literary critics and academics kill the spirit. even the best among them, which might turn out to be perhaps 1 every 294 years has to be treated with big fat greasy kid gloves. after all, them that don't create are ghouls.

the cabal.

Doris Lessing said something this years back. fka did ti thkafnk fka di did ti thk kad tkafkaid too.

_____________  Doris Lesssing had visions _ Outer Space Martha Quest _ Briefing for a Descent into Hell


  its likely that Baudelaire had inklings of this  _ as probably Edgar Allan Poe hints at these regions in his work. the vortex,
 Imp of the Perverse etc...