'of course ....'

of course it's a nice fancy it's a  real one two too 2 to

   in reality there's a distrust among these three Milton Shakespeare and the british accent and what the brits imagine is greatness projecting their accent world wide via the empire common wealth and the bbc and one has to ask really that that awful language (i speak of the accented one heard world wide as received british english) what a  horror it is how its ruined the lives of millions and the last thing one or that two wants is to hear

shakespeare readings by these accent thugs t hese official cantakerous geeseof the worl'd 's most 'spoken' tongue theres nothing worse than hearing the bard 

's wor k wrecked by these pompous jackasses

Milton's work has never had to suffer this degradation this indignity. of the english accent as its offical llee projected.
its not just island english

its the imperial english of the queen who's pretty vacant & we dont care of the royal's  and their bloodless existence

 Never let the brits destroy yr hearing of Shakespeare

 we have no idea how Milton sounds except for recent recordings & which in their diversity are superior to the shakespeare recordings
 Seamus Heaney's reading of Book 1 of Paradise Lost is worth more, has more feeling and weight than one can measure 

 esp. if you've been subjected to hearing the english doing shakespeare our impoverished bard of avon! calling?

--------------------------------- I cant remember where 

  but there are the passages in Shakespeare where he says outright what the thinks of Milton and praises his work above his own. William was not a ninny,  a nutty nihilist at times, yes, however he did know 

Milton was the genesis of his work as Homer's was to Greece. If you dont see that side to Shakespeare then you've not begun reading yet or understanding what it means to read.


                               ----------------------------------- the last great performances of shakespeare done by the english were the 19th century in Hazlitt's era and  just after ...that's before the standard english gor the grip of the english people

Edmond Kean Samuel Phelps , Henry Irving & others of that  ilk .

it's a pity as there's so much rich beauty of the english anglo saxon tongue in the bard!

give me a liverpool reading
or a cockney

highs peed version

yes fast quick paced zooming so swift one cant hardly hear nor make out the words sense
that's how some say it was done i n the day

a poet i read stated that

i cld never imagine Richard Burbage acting Hamlet or Lear in the voices of contemporary british actors who are overly trained to destroy their own natureal accent or those that arent are projecting what I write against.

and Milton? he never suffered this.

and so this gives on reason to trust italian versions more than english of shakespeare's as with Carmelo Bene's filmed versions of Othello and Hamlet

his film Salome basing itself in Oscar Wilde's  play of the same name.

there are prob. thousands of better versions of shakespeare or maybe only hundreds in english american or canadian english or irish english

 Billy Whitelaw would do better than most of the  so called celebrated actors and actreses doing Milton