by the same token


'by the same token or on the other hand
  does saying better mean less sick?

  if you'r ethinking of literary production in terms of sickness and health i n the sense 'that literature is a health' is it 'a' fair to say Milton's work is less ill than Shakespeare's? That Adam and Eve or Satan are less neurotic than Hamlet and his infinite slit of split indecisiveness?

 where am i going with this? take the concept of sickness versus health.

Somewhere Nietzsche calls Shakespeare that buffon ...I read that once but havent been able to find it again. I know it's there as I saw it withmy own eyes while living with David Yaeger.

I laughed when I read it. as Shakeyspeare is over-revered, prob. the highest stock and most reliable in the world of literary capitalism. or capitalisms.


on accents: when Patricia Macgeachy, my old friend and fellow performer that I've not seen in 'some' years, used to do readings and perform I told her to keep her Scots accent. it was richer more resonant and sexier dark erotic intense edged out   crying out.