back to Milton ... contrary

 Milton was better than Shakespeare, and furthermore contrary

t o historical fact

Milton came before Shakespeare

  his shadow is writ large throughout the bard's work

 Shakespeare is the great dramatist no denying that

however Milton is the epic poet, and Homer of english

 As Homer came before Sophocles so Milton


now you might say I am nuts and don't mean this literarlly.

well I do, and literally.

and literarily.

and as a  plateau of demarchement it works

and what other way is to think

--------------- now there's another way to think about this

     that Homer came first but that in England and its ltierature the terms are reversed

 or sidewinded

  or knocked out of the  smooth chronology of classical thought and literary matters
and that too is

the germane thought of plateau to level to plane

 but its paradise of characters of garden growing half hamlet s and lear s as adonis the dog speaks

 Olivia and the others dance in that Miltonic garden of growing multiple

 Blake's ghost calls up the night

     they call the force representing against Milton someone named Shakespeare

but there's no one there but a force

  which has no name that collective energy

 or that wild force untamed Lysander

 well, say Adam meets Shakespeare

 Shakepeare sees himself in this first man

 he's reading John Milton's words
Ok more anon.