|||||||||||| Waiting


|||||||||||| Everybody is waiting

                       waiting for buses

                                    waiting for answering machines

                                                 waiting to see a friend in hospital

                                        for the debt
                                                                 the interest
                                         the job
                                                             a relationship

                                               waiting for street lights
                                                               at cash register lines

                                 for cheques    for  love

                                           for night
                                                      (waiting for the debt to be forgiven   )

                                                                                 (for news it hasnt been  )


                                                         & day

                         waiting for a decision

                                                                           restlessly hoping

                      hoping restless

                            angoisse en attendance
                                                                       waiting for rain

                     waiting for the day

                           waiting and hoping for the next election

                       between waiting and breathing