duck dante and shakespeare


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the prince of kings and the lineages of bankers with poems in wheel!s Keep the faith!


Dante was dead for a . Italian. read vernacular.


WilliAM S. was an English Anglo Saxon foet. Generally consider the greatest of them all. but really when you think of those British accents was he really the greatest? 


The Irish were and are a people mightily oppressed by their British brethren from over the sea.

what is a  foet , pray tell  , or tell pray? will the goggles of the extreme three dimensional crucifixion appear 
 clear as the bell of the resurrection the mighty dead on second coming judgement day?


now tristan tzara was a dog in
Zurich pinch eaten by sun


pinch eaten by the sun
protesting against the slaughterhouse mayhem WW1


a dada  da Da.

he was Hugo Ball right hand to left
of the cabaret calvacade

was this 
this this was this this was this







 ------------- does anyone remember yr name? nor the fishbowl.a fragmentary reeling at the spin of garden swine. not picking the letter, or vowel, saying `pecking` the crucifixion. avant the lettre. between cities and bodies

between the bird cage , the bird, the bridge, feet hanging on the awning. a break neck speed rifted at the toes

other places where Anti rode _ it`s please please and please . Anti rose.




a good start and it took long enough

 fits in with Keat's idea that Shakespeare read with an Irish accent is clearer the puns more shining and audible & with Ted Hughes' discussion (that) 'the plays were performed at what we'd perceive as high speed' the riffs and rooooooollllllllllls as it'twere

welll this tallies up right with what ah've said and how the english have been their own worst enenmies at getting the work of w . s . at the people that created it there w as no sh a kes peare S hakes peare was the collective energy a sort of subconscious god of the english people at the time creating them and still creating them _________________


|||||||||||| Waiting


|||||||||||| Everybody is waiting

                       waiting for buses

                                    waiting for answering machines

                                                 waiting to see a friend in hospital

                                        for the debt
                                                                 the interest
                                         the job
                                                             a relationship

                                               waiting for street lights
                                                               at cash register lines

                                 for cheques    for  love

                                           for night
                                                      (waiting for the debt to be forgiven   )

                                                                                 (for news it hasnt been  )


                                                         & day

                         waiting for a decision

                                                                           restlessly hoping

                      hoping restless

                            angoisse en attendance
                                                                       waiting for rain

                     waiting for the day

                           waiting and hoping for the next election

                       between waiting and breathing