'Mundane Blonde'


  How about some of the poems in Blue Dog?


Question : What about Mundane Blonde?  That's the  name of a poem in my first printed  book Blue Dog Plus.

         that book was published by Fortner Anderson who's a very good spoken word performer. We had some differences of opinion about art eventually ... but that's pretty normal, as things go, artists always have differences of opinion  ....


the poem was written in 1976. It was written in a sort of dadaist style,  there's some invented words in there... and I guess I was

                             thinking about some people who  worked across the street from where I worked at the time. In a shipping company. 

                                           I was back in Canada for a spell ...

.                                               It was definitely not written about anyone I knew, personally.

  it was really written about a sort of ogre or gnome like person I saw, almost a monster,

in a ppearance who , i suppose even frightened me in her look ....

Then I mixed it up with these invented words and sounds, and there bang it was. it was funny.

My partner  a tthe time, Gail Modric, thought it was funny, and she laughed about it. She had a great laugh!

 It's a funny poem. it reads well/ after all these years. which im glad about albeit surprised.

As poems go.

  i was working at this place with a friend of mine, Maurice Chayet.

He's a mathematician and a dadaist  too. A math Dadaist.

he invented 16field geometry in Li groups.... fields baby I mean 16 dimensions. A zany guy.  Lives in France and has since the early 90's.

 Has a boatload of kids.

Comes froma  big family of a boat-load of kids.

He's a story in it-self.

_______Did you ever meet Sartre when you were there in the early 70's?

    No, my god! how would I have met such a notable person? he was getting pretty old around then, I don't think he hung out in the cafes or whatnot I was in

I never saw him at Vincennes .

How did you end up naming the book Blue Dog PLus?

  it was  ajoke really. but hey i'm hungry I gotta go. we can continue this after 


_____________ tape ends.