italics have their place _ it'
s not dissimilar to the stress between the I st person pronoun and the 3rd person fictional . but person is persona as the vase is to the glass.

or pass. as rhyme is to 

    a culinary unicorn.

what shimmers  there   (thank you)

  in 'a cloud of dust'

    ----------------------________________as for the comedian in 'me' that's bent around  a pole
between aphrodisiac and amnesiac                        'we'  which in french is   'oui'  

   so we is yes as in yea-saying the great inclusive cloud of sky

  a poem filled with a mouth

  So the fictions work in that .

and blogs

are numbered now.

the spymasters and spurners of the world . have our number.

  as place and  station.

krrp ktttpp  krrrp keep the text evasive and longing

mad e to the marriage of what cant be gotten away with on a page.

a page?

what's age?

between ea ch rhyming boot
between    each rhyming bot

  each rhymed 'bottin'

as the cursive moves forward.

                          Jill shaking the dust from her feet. a hypertexting Mama with googoo and gaga down her lime lips.

                     Like you lover. and the frizzy haired women.

                                  Mona never wants pretence to buckle down her writing. so keep going keep going in spite of fright. at the edge always of the what of. and the where of.

 And .