'the 'gab' ler edition

--------------------------- 'Outside the isle of Ireland'

))))))))))))))) To gab can mean to chatter away in a friendly light hearted manner or it can also refer to the useless unnecessary gossip of foul mouthed  persons wishing to disrepute others.

 So there's anxieity about creation

'Gabler's edition of Ulysses is a scholastic attempt to rewrite Joyce's poem.Gabler & his ilk suffer the anxiety of correction'

they're anxiouS to 'restore' a supposed original  whenas the book as it's been sInCe the time Of JJ's last reading of it is t he one we trust

skullards like Gabby Gabler think they mean well, however

theres a theory of the anxiety of influence with regard to tropes and lines and so well
Gabler and company are the first generation to trumpet their anxiety to correct, and fix James Joyce.
what puffweeds they were!

 a lot of a minority of here comes everyone got on board , for a  time, their eyes bandaged by blind bloody stupidity 

   including Mister Ellmann ___ Not Burgess,     

    yet in The End they got off treasuring the reality of Joyce's own version of the book he wrote!~

   like a woman trusts her man coming in unto her why change it any other way

 So there's anxieity about creation
among the scholars

and editors , copy readers, proof readers

wanting to control

the uncontrolable Ulysses sliding all over the place like the mish of city swerve swirl of shite , love,  that it is

 what did Joyce saY? he  was writing on the paper thin edge that just seperated him from madness| maybe its behind this statement their wld. be scholia dread has its origins. 

___________________________================scolars pedants, grammarians rhetors an others are often desirious to order writers about, commanding, rulling, underlining, splitting t he  beauty of the spoken written word and the wiry written spoken word and the unheard thought word and the word unmade in the thought blank deed and the pedant forgetting its poetry kicks ass and is ass not striatian jackets and goggles revented by stuffy pomps on poop.