ReCall To Poetry: “Resurrection,” El Greco, 1579


    and when it happens its gonna be many bodies at the same time with  
                       a Simultaneous or possibly infinite number of selves.

so you get one self , 2, 3 to infinity an infinite quantum of selves resurrecting across the universe which itself is resurrecting against the gravity of death

Probly be no resurrection till the 'church' starting with the R.C organization no longer exists. i mean, in a way, they buried him, the Future Man who could resurrect defeating death. ' the church' as a centuries long entity has been at  the heart of death for too long to bear resurrection, as much as they claim to have defended & be the defenders of whatever this man was . who rose from the dead.

 they buried him after he rose and left. the story of the 'ascension' what is it? how does one read in light of the idea that it was the early church that closed off the real meaning of the resurrection.

    this is something that happened in the first centuries of the church , the roman catholic one ...

re: “Resurrection,” El Greco, 1579