_____________________________________________ Mona finds the body     ~where are you looking /he's not here/he's gone ahead as he said he would/

______________ The discouse of the Resurrection .

 Under 'ideal ' conditions, religion would just end. forever. there'd be no need for this anachronism .  this is what the communists understood but were unable to properly make happen. it can't be forced, or even suggested until there are alternatives in place.

creation of a human spirit, the Future Man with a resurrected being as an Example, one among many , a template for what can be, a becoming of nature and nurture.

Nietzsche spoke of the superman which was fine i suppose for its time, (and there's a history of its being wronly  used by the fascists and others to force their racist horrors on humanity and this has been laid to rest )

I doubt  that the word 'overman' (Übermensch ) is strong enough  to displace the more popular  version Superman  to convey what N was talking about. which is fine he was of his time.

 The word was not fit for history's unravelling it's no fault of his.

  so new words for newer ideas  

So the Future man the Future woman

'this woman of the future becomings' a resurrected becomings of nature  .

the deterritorialization of matter into a newer more refined form    .       of the future   ....

all of which is easy to say but just try and put and end even to the externals of religion! people aren't ready for it .. we've not arrived at  that time in history...

the little religious nuts are still behind the controls of  various machines  ... tapping into all that human feeling of identity and 'ownship of self' and who they , or who one imagines they imagine they are...

daily they do they don'tbelieve in    the thousands of hundreds of thousands 'secularized' by the capitalist body of economic flow

and millions of others daily practice their 'religious beliefs' but there are none /its all illusion.


 Mona says the Resurrection is a Red Communist Becoming of the Future      ~ .....____________________________________________________________________________