' france


 france is not a country    it is  a  barbarian
nor is surprising europe a country but a  wa r

staking its

  digging its dagger

  dirty old swindlers up to filthy old tricks as ever

  shut out     its hatred  in the  constitutional depravity of its will to dust





          poem frets at the edges of wit 

                                                             intelligence     conversation          desperation




'gub '


                    brotman   poet

muzzle tough                   mazel tov

every word is an escaping valve



'The Accidental Archivist: Criticism on Facebook, and How to Preserve It

 --------------------- preserving them conversations  _________||||||||||||||||||||||||||

the Scanlan controversy and the scale of this particular thread make it notable, but as Rhizome's Community Manager, I witness important conversations on Facebook every day. And they're all totally precarious. What we could identify as a significant body of critical writing is reliant on a

monolith, one with a billion users, one that seems vast and infallible—as vast and infallible as, say,

MySpace or Geocities once felt. One day Facebook will either cease to exist or have evolved to a 

point where its "legacy" content can no longer be maintained.

So if we can't rely on Facebook to do the job, how will this valuable material be preserved? This is something we've discussed at some length at Rhizome, where digital legacy is a frequent topic of conversation. According to our digital conservator Dragan Espenschied, this is a particularly complex problem because Facebook conversations aren't objects, which can be easily captured and stored, but practices performed by human users and software.

"All of the detail of this conversation is in who liked whom and who is friends with whom," Dragan

notes. Every thread can be liked, as can individual comments. In the case of the Scanlan/Woolford, thread likes can indicate basic endorsement of the conversation, whereas comment likes can delineate affiliation around a given position.




sacrifice pierce price


 forget it. its over. the habs wont win. they're done. the oedipal gods have had their vengeance ..  martin stlous oedipal mummyghost comes to punish the Price the /oedipal shit wins

out montreal is to be punished. nowhere after today to come near the cup. injuries of the this type are disasterous mistforfeitures misfortunes  meant to take down the team. for some unknown reason 'canada' is not yet ready to take back the cup. too much blood and hiden vengeance behind blind the Hubris


~homeless children in Ireland   ~ the Celtic tiger's burnt out a whiles back and now homeless kids
                  there you go you rich   European fantatics an yr visions  power an glory
                  always going for the low ball letting others take the heat

  and the little fools of Ireland who believed it

    the little fools of gold

    the fools who've always betrayed their own

         and the government
                                                and   each one power  abandoning kids in  poverty row


   and you eating stuffing your face
    shoving your ass in the dead

    you in home
         yes you and the others

    where were you?
     what did  you do beside stuff yr gullet

 i wonder where you'll be when the piper comes  collectin'
           because for sure she's coming
         she's coming piping



Love is eyes


 Love is eyes and fingers the fragrance of your hair these eyes
 wide spread &  standing out are stars pulsing  each second's vision
  the world's a better place where you look

your fingers are strings that play
  my heart like a sailor
   longing to get home harbored in your heart
  this way the night sings with a sweet pattern  called
   love's trust its renewal blossoming each day that we meet



'the 'gab' ler edition

--------------------------- 'Outside the isle of Ireland'

))))))))))))))) To gab can mean to chatter away in a friendly light hearted manner or it can also refer to the useless unnecessary gossip of foul mouthed  persons wishing to disrepute others.

 So there's anxieity about creation

'Gabler's edition of Ulysses is a scholastic attempt to rewrite Joyce's poem.Gabler & his ilk suffer the anxiety of correction'

they're anxiouS to 'restore' a supposed original  whenas the book as it's been sInCe the time Of JJ's last reading of it is t he one we trust

skullards like Gabby Gabler think they mean well, however

theres a theory of the anxiety of influence with regard to tropes and lines and so well
Gabler and company are the first generation to trumpet their anxiety to correct, and fix James Joyce.
what puffweeds they were!

 a lot of a minority of here comes everyone got on board , for a  time, their eyes bandaged by blind bloody stupidity 

   including Mister Ellmann ___ Not Burgess,     

    yet in The End they got off treasuring the reality of Joyce's own version of the book he wrote!~

   like a woman trusts her man coming in unto her why change it any other way

 So there's anxieity about creation
among the scholars

and editors , copy readers, proof readers

wanting to control

the uncontrolable Ulysses sliding all over the place like the mish of city swerve swirl of shite , love,  that it is

 what did Joyce saY? he  was writing on the paper thin edge that just seperated him from madness| maybe its behind this statement their wld. be scholia dread has its origins. 

___________________________================scolars pedants, grammarians rhetors an others are often desirious to order writers about, commanding, rulling, underlining, splitting t he  beauty of the spoken written word and the wiry written spoken word and the unheard thought word and the word unmade in the thought blank deed and the pedant forgetting its poetry kicks ass and is ass not striatian jackets and goggles revented by stuffy pomps on poop.



re: eros .. via ...liniadefuga...................


So we must tear down the forts   Machiavel  we shall tear them down, and tar them

because Love is a an ocean,a wave, particle, a lover hand never seen nor felt ~

  yes love is not a chore, but a labor, of service, a change in principle and thus in Prince and Principalitie

A lover wore his cape to school
finding missing buttons in his cape
waving to the furniture between his walks
and hat i n hand 
came to know it
  to see her     ~

: eros .. via ...liniadefuga...................



eros .. via ...liniadefuga...................

 _____________there are thosE who think love is a dictatorship___________________________

=================== others believe it, love's a democracy. some think it's sex. and age isa battered dollar sign in the window of the flesh

'R.C.    Iubire, istinctul procreației. Zeul iubirii, care seamănă, cu săgețile lui, plăcerea, neplăcerea, fericirea, nefericirea, bucuria, supărarea, suferința, binele, răul, adevărul și eroarea.( Schmidt, Kun și alții). Acest zeu n-a supt degeaba de la leoaice.  
______Does anyone hear it? 
Do any see it? a man flying in a  cloud a magic carpet assembling gear parts

P.Ț.    O mică amintire personală. Îmi vine în minte o discuție purtată odată cu un prieten asupra omului machiavelic. Prietenul meu susținea, că acest om este absorbit de rațiune.  I-am răspuns, că nimeni și deci nici Machiavel, nu s-a putut sustrage influienței binefăcătoare sau răufăcătoare a lumii afective. 

        Stăpânul, în cetatea lui Machiavel împletește în arta guvernării lui, teama și iubirea. Machiavel afirmă că dintre toate fortificațiile cetăților, una este inexpugnabilă: iubirea supușilor față de stăpânul lor. Îmi face plăcere, că mi-am amintit aceste lucruri, fiindcă iubirea în concepția mea, nu este o treabă individuală, ci un principiu ordonator al cetății. Sub acest raport, iubirea seamănă cu datoria. Când iubirea devine o treabă individuală, se transformă în voluptate, aceasta este poarta prin care intră viciul.                                          Proiectul de tratat- Eros- Petre Țuțea 



Re:: îmi sare printre brațe mișcarea


I want to add more to that posting soon ~ her work is vivacious, and beautiful, like a sunset , or something better
a metamorphosis of form drama AnD alIVe 

Re îmi sare printre brațe mișcarea

                                  ___________________one cannot explain works of art but one can pay tribute  to them                                                                              ~__________as in to herald, celebrate, and accept them  with a loving modesty
  _________  taking new energies from their learning and paths    ~  of interest and creation


re:: ideaLly


More on this 
Re:: ideaLly

                   soon and not ideally
                                       but really





 _____________________________________________ Mona finds the body     ~where are you looking /he's not here/he's gone ahead as he said he would/

______________ The discouse of the Resurrection .

 Under 'ideal ' conditions, religion would just end. forever. there'd be no need for this anachronism .  this is what the communists understood but were unable to properly make happen. it can't be forced, or even suggested until there are alternatives in place.

creation of a human spirit, the Future Man with a resurrected being as an Example, one among many , a template for what can be, a becoming of nature and nurture.

Nietzsche spoke of the superman which was fine i suppose for its time, (and there's a history of its being wronly  used by the fascists and others to force their racist horrors on humanity and this has been laid to rest )

I doubt  that the word 'overman' (Übermensch ) is strong enough  to displace the more popular  version Superman  to convey what N was talking about. which is fine he was of his time.

 The word was not fit for history's unravelling it's no fault of his.

  so new words for newer ideas  

So the Future man the Future woman

'this woman of the future becomings' a resurrected becomings of nature  .

the deterritorialization of matter into a newer more refined form    .       of the future   ....

all of which is easy to say but just try and put and end even to the externals of religion! people aren't ready for it .. we've not arrived at  that time in history...

the little religious nuts are still behind the controls of  various machines  ... tapping into all that human feeling of identity and 'ownship of self' and who they , or who one imagines they imagine they are...

daily they do they don'tbelieve in    the thousands of hundreds of thousands 'secularized' by the capitalist body of economic flow

and millions of others daily practice their 'religious beliefs' but there are none /its all illusion.


 Mona says the Resurrection is a Red Communist Becoming of the Future      ~ .....____________________________________________________________________________



ReCall To Poetry: “Resurrection,” El Greco, 1579


    and when it happens its gonna be many bodies at the same time with  
                       a Simultaneous or possibly infinite number of selves.

so you get one self , 2, 3 to infinity an infinite quantum of selves resurrecting across the universe which itself is resurrecting against the gravity of death

Probly be no resurrection till the 'church' starting with the R.C organization no longer exists. i mean, in a way, they buried him, the Future Man who could resurrect defeating death. ' the church' as a centuries long entity has been at  the heart of death for too long to bear resurrection, as much as they claim to have defended & be the defenders of whatever this man was . who rose from the dead.

 they buried him after he rose and left. the story of the 'ascension' what is it? how does one read in light of the idea that it was the early church that closed off the real meaning of the resurrection.

    this is something that happened in the first centuries of the church , the roman catholic one ...

re: “Resurrection,” El Greco, 1579








   are just some of the more colorful names give to pushy , nasty , dames , whose game

is         destroy devour and d   o      m          i            n              a            t                e

   think of the           the coin collected

    by bimbos              hussies 
                                                     and  good     old tramps

their                                                           m                   a               t               e


îmi sare printre brațe mișcarea


  • at   __  Mihaela Brumar's  Le blog de liniadefuga

      As always in the beautiful painting work  of artist  Mihaela Brumar there is  an inspiration to thought and a vivid reminder of the senses. It is   their reality, the color and abiding shape of things, the hidden and varied  form of beauty as it works in figure and ground and  in which the figures  are seeking out a territory  or defining one... 

       What she achieves in her work is tenderness and a breath that takes stillness and  that gives calmness. In a chaotic and tumultuous world of broken bodies and stones,  finds

    ___________a key that frees___________________
________________________________  are these figures lovers seeking a ground,  are they mirrors contemplating  one another?

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