....' everything...



 Everything you wrote is fiction?

      Yes, everything. even what was 'real' is fiction.

                                      the whole project was fictive in cluding the font
    the caves, calls, ring, moon, mud, lake, fire, gem, green, zylophone, optophone, latin,m, greek, the rule, the absence thereof  ,
                             All                 F i c t i     o       n


   )))))))))))))))))))))__________________________  I made it all up

                                                                                             Clifford Duffy




May all your moons be as bright and yellow as mine    ~
  gold's in the moon
    sun's in sky



.. time ..


   C.P.  .. time to start performing again Mister D? what do you think? it's been a little while....

 C.D.   a little while not really I mean I never stopped that I just moved venues.. it could be the time onthe other hand to go to the other venue I used to things a t  you see what I mean? what I am saying?  

  working in a public space first with maybe recording? not really but for performing  saying with cello and other low key instruments... maybe a  singer.. that could be a new door to go through . . it won't be the same as it was anyhow.. which is and that's good

C.P. .. yes it's so that you 've never stopped performing or lecturing and writing and working the way you do wherever you found yourself

.. i'm curious where do you think you'd start off or kick off this
  entry into a public space venue..? in the countryside  a barn a lake a yard someone's party a fair a or  a live hologram projected

              e        v                  e                   n                                                 t



CD  that last one's appealed to me for years.. and yeps it wont be a come back or return but another line of departure.. a new self novel people to work with more gizmos to play with necesary

   yet  the old things are there   

    pen      and  paper                crayon and ink

                           a place to stand  another preparing in

                   2  3  musicians  ........   a pin on mic   ...a  small p.a. system

                   things to      present                presenting things

                                and             poems

                                            and                   words

                      and things

                                                and             l             o          v                  e  

CP    love?



love  and           rad ios       


and this? as always is a draft 
    a windy door knocking in

        into its becomings  





_____________________> Add Postage

 I will finish it when I return. I am heading to Scotland (tonight) for a week.A performance artist who worked with me is getting hung, tying the knot, getting married, and a somewhat churchy affair too! (they've even paying  a part of my fare so I'll be there! ) then I am  to Ireland for a  week; Ireland(it was my grandfather's country) is one of my real connections to the world/ an anchor in the madness /