Graham Green's  versus  the     unknown soldier
   reality versus                                death

Hawaii waves rolling   surf ululating sideways women's bodies shaking
  a dream of the high sea   that's not really high out here
 not far from those of  the desert paintings naked lolling                 here in the Pacific

     world of bodies sand blue sapphire gem  

 the height of this tall twisted goddess

                             (lets her low hanging hair   sweep the plain) 
                                                             the green hand on the leaf       the gold-bronze of the bodies cambering over sand

                            whispering the feet picking the water 

  it trickles does it not
   a song humming for ruin

 at the crest it booms  roaring pillage to my ears

  these trees are they creation's halo?

               better  these   than the silos I saw  in  Nebraska

_________________________________________| yet another example of bad writing.