is there?


is there something going on?

is it  a trail of Matterhorn peak

why isn't that plural or singular or it is that a mask on your fingers
add a question pleading mark of the sentence's true grammatical gain

out beside the river aside the river a cold water wafting 'down' wafting dhow a flow of turgid wrinkle pairing the feet



there are .. draft


  these days and nights we been together  thank you thirty-one
 years and it's dawning on me the sun's a  smile in your lap

and i' m becoming your bookmark


you are ?

 Oh how night winds its packets thrilling the beat
worn by wind ripping the seat of bearing
twisting its feet


shall we continue to begin?



Red Poet (Documentary Film about Jack Hirschman)





 someone said     ~ a tender take a  reel on the lyripol