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James Joyce, Ulysse, Gallimard 2004 "Dans les mots des mots pour les mots, palabras" p252 "C'est une époque où la putasserie à bout de souffle cherche à tâtons son dieu." p 260 "Allons, semons le bordel." p263

"Après Dieu, c'est Shakespeare qui a le plus créé". p268 Tu cite une phrase célèbre que moi meme je cite
de temps en temps en conversation

-- And what a character is Iago! undaunted John Eglinton exclaimed. When all is said Dumas fils (or is it Dumas père?) is right. After God Shakespeare has created most."

Je cite l'edition sur le internet ... j'ai pas mon édition avec moi.

Voila quelques notes j'ai trouve

pour toi sur les traductions

en francais de Ulysse


Translations of Ulysses

86. James Joyce, Ulysse, 1929 (first edition of the French translation).

JAMES JOYCE | ULYSSE | Translated from the English by | M. AUGUSTE MOREL | assisted by STUART GILBERT | Translation entirely reviewed by M. VALERY LARBAUD | in collaboration with THE AUTHOR | LA MAISON DES AMIS DES LIVRES | Adrienne Monnier | 7, RUE DE L'ODÉON, 7 | PARIS | MCMXXIX

The success of Larbaud's lecture on Joyce in 1921 (item 38, case IV) prompted Joyce's interest in a French translation. Larbaud was reluctant to undertake this task himself and so he suggested Auguste Morel, a young writer from Breton who had experience translating English works into French. Adrienne Monnier, Beach's companion who ran the store La Maison des Amis des Livres, was approached to be the publisher. She agreed but only if Joyce and Larbaud would review Morel's work. Morel proceeded very slowly and over the years portions of his translation were published in various French journals. In 1927 Joyce added Stuart Gilbert to the team after he had spotted some discrepancies in a typescript copy of the translation that Beach had on display in the window of Shakespeare and Company (item 67, case VIII). The three translators did not get along and Joyce was forced to intervene. The arrangement and description of the translators' names on the title-page was suggested by Joyce in order to assuage his translators' egos. Ulysse," Mercure de France, (May 1, 1950): 30-37.', CAPTION,'ENDNOTE', CENTER, WIDTH, 300, BORDER, 2);" onmouseout="return nd();">[59] Monnier finally published Ulysse in 1929 and it was received with much adulation and felicitation. The large and prestigious French publishing firm Gallimard took over publication of Ulysse from Monnier later in October 1930. Joyce's involvement in this translation has meant that its influence extends beyond the hexagonal borders of France.

The copy on display is copy F of the ten copies printed on Hollande van Gelder paper and was printed specially for Beach. Joyce inscribed it: "To | Sylvia Beach | this trophy of her Seven Years' War 1921-1929 | James Joyce | Paris | Independence Day 1929."

87. Advertisement for the French translation of Ulysses, 1928.

ULYSSE | BY | JAMES JOYCE | Complete French translation by | MM. AUGUSTE MOREL and STUART-GILBERT | entirely reviewed by | M. VALERY LARBAUD | in collaboration with THE AUTHOR | TO APPEAR IN JANUARY 1929 | at LA MAISON DES AMIS DES LIVRES | — Adrienne Monnier — | 7, RUE DE L'ODƒON — PARIS, VIe

88. Menu card for the "Déjeuner Ulysse," June 27, 1929.

DÉJEUNER " ULYSSE " | Jeudi 27 Juin 1929 | Hotel Léopold | Les Vaux de Cernay

To celebrate the publication of the French translation of Ulysses, Adrienne Monnier organized a luncheon at the Léopold Restaurant in Les Vaux de Cernay, a small village near Versailles. The menu lists such delicacies as "Le Paté Léopold."

89. Photograph of the "Déjeuner Ulysse," June 27, 1929.

Among the guests at Monnier's "Déjeuner Ulysse" were some of the most prominent figures in French literature at that time: Léon-Paul Fargue, Eduard Dujardin, Paul Valéry, Jules Romains, and Philippe Soupault. Also in attendance was Samuel Beckett (he is not in the photograph; the rumor is that he got excessively drunk at lunch). None of the translators were in attendance; apparently by this time relations between them had become exceedingly rancorous. As the lunch took place eleven days after June 16, it could be considered as the first Bloomsday celebration. (Buffalo owns the original of this photograph, with Monnier's penned-in names for some of the guests; this is currently on loan to the National Library of Ireland and so a reproduction is displayed.)
___________________________________________________________________ A lors je pense que vous lis la nouvelle traduction parce ce que tu
l'edition Gallimard 2004 ~ le voila
l'edition Gallimard 2004 ~ le voila
Ulysse, nouvelle traduction Une nouvelle traduction de l'œuvre de l'écrivain dublinois paraît dans la collection « Du Monde entier » le 10 juin, précédant de quelques jours le centenaire de la journée où se déroule le roman. Cette nouvelle traduction de Ulysse de James Joyce est proposée par les Éditions Gallimard à l'instigation de Stephen James Joyce, le petit fils de l'écrivain, de Solange Joyce, son épouse et d'Antoine Gallimard. Elle succède à la seule traduction française existant à ce jour, celle d'Auguste Morel, « assisté par M. Stuart Gilbert, entièrement revue par M. Valery Larbaud avec la collaboration de l'auteur ».