these and those


Crooks crooked!!!!


And you andshe
have got imperious
buttocks girl go in
front of me.


  is this three

Jack Kerouac is still my writer


when alone I am against the great
------ hordes
released on society

____but o that woman
pausing on the
escalator was
attractive!_ ssheshe took
my breath away


does anyone hear pain
(cant find a question mark mark ,  as they say)

Time and space are over.

and then this:

they re
wrong forced
     is wrong and dominant  .


 six and six

There are no phones.
in. hell!

Bottom of my heart.

Love is a body.


Between    6 and        and a half

 I am just this side of


Princely go town till
dec 5________________note no
the meeting question
of How yoi doing it
kills the spirit Of
joY____The immediate
Recognition at
seeing someone and
the energy that
ensueS I saw it
tonight is a form of
control__ puts the
one asked on the

as opposed to let it happen    ___ breath _ silence
beginning    .



The ugly widow_are
all widows uglyÉ
Dùeath is absolute and
often makes the still (stiff)
livin ugly .


what s up dude did
you havev cornflakes 
for supper
Chopsuey for
lunch___ was 
hamburger mary
      give me  a  call

i got a situation
-remember the last 
time I said talk to 
me__it s one me

9 and  a half

The rain just started
here and the the
temperatu r  e   is
terrors may winter

                                    t  e                            e              n

inward last nigh night
  haunted and hau



le seul livre de Flaubert que j ai lu
est  La Tentation de Saint Antoine

et les autres comme Bovary non

 et pourquoi pas 

au contraire le vrai question c est pourquoi lire  ce livre
j ai commence un traduction  

et  cette histoire cette style cette temps m a pas tirer

c n etait pas mon lutte

lite rature en général avec un grand L

laisse un mal odeur dans ma bouche

mais a chacun son fuite...

mais alors j e vie dans la poésie
  et les autres

comme la roman de ton corps


puis on poser la question après Joyce pourquoi lire Monsieur Flohohohobert!

même si Jean Paul Sartre avez écrit son grand tome sur lui Flaubert L idiot et ça Famille!L'Idiot de la famille 




 and how does it feel to have your head on backwards

 and standing near the sink
you almost feel it falling

 puffed out brain and hair pent with the wheelies
 motorcycle rider

 and you can come back to this later lady as your lover speaks to you
  from three thousand miles away
  and  5 years
  entering the fingertips of your love
damned by the night
 heightened by day

    a  kiss surging down those night years
  those day moon and sun details that make a  moment of the crying one
  rearing his head calling you back

like any lover does crying to his lady
  i am spent spent i am spent without your love





if love knew its name we'd all be happy
but death come chopping block
war to go bomb boom bomb
a teacher failing her students
went to South America
riding the river in Brazil

and knocking her hands on the door eternity
took her last breath and died
her breasts heaved with the sigh takig her spirit

each day his body grew more painful dying in this spirt of longed away

they took his money
his hope
his clock
took his shoe laces
his shoes left and right
knocking down the seat on which he lived like a
saint pulling the tide down on his head
working day and night the
saint on the long high column not a bourgeosie
but a worker a worker's saint
the long saint on the column
a pillar
at the edge

what was that guy's name the
crazy guy living on the pillar

Symeon the Stylite

Simeon Stylites
that was not me

the first time they put me in prison i was 12
i think and it went downward hill from then spiral
ling down into the echo of the
hunger day and torture

and the hours of a n urba desert choking me
o n its food

and years of hunger
and the hands

_ and there was more to come
i n the book you're writing

__ between if and what and between meals
affection and love missing like a dog kicked its ass down
the street of its blue worn weather

(something neither she nor the others could grasp)

and more to come i n the book you're writing



i s ho t is ...

Montreal is cold, but my heart is hot.
night's longer days shorter
pray for peace wherever you go whenever you are
you are you you are me and we ~ .