and and


 Doctor Dada you gotta redo some of them phrasing  ... the riff got tangled in the wirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee of the blues you was flinging

'Flinging' he says
mud  as in the wrought sigh world and patter and ringround the matter.

Okay you gotta redo those. what does it mean to redo.

iMagine first tries
   and imagine

each phrase  is  a duck shoot and when you perform the voice yelling an yowling!

how hell that hound to the phrase beat 

 Drop that horn baby
you aint no poet you a performer born
to soul and knoll

like  a woman's ass rolling churning burning the boy's heads
in the summer heat beat acrossyour balls
in wish that' s want in the one that's one
in the woman's about to be woman's legs shaped as the fire wood
burnt by the skull of thollhe voodoo god dolls

O no that was a riff imrov 2  3   1  a Renoir painting doll eyes
exquisite to the center  direct

and now the rolling sigh
of bodies after love calling 

moon sun stare and star
wish for the relief of the air
sweeping along over the traces of the hollow of their bodies

not like the 'exquisite' caftan the craftsman gild and roof
but the surreal bacon of your beats
not the heat of american puritan
nor the fear of canadian parliamentary comprise compromise
bu t the long shadow of true love  
   not the repressed thing of puritan american closed down criticcal paranoia

but the way her ass wiggles twentyffirst centry black woman high on her ground

to be a square is not to stare
   staring aint neither square nor cool
but the bodies attitude to the stare is what says it all
what's cool is not the ear nor ass but the carrying horse crying call

  and the naked ass kissed by the lip

and the ring in the pose at the end of the pier

and the music rattling the shore