as k your self 

                       is a  clock?__________________________________________?

s k your self 

 what is a cock??????????????????????????????????????????

a  cock??

 a dooddle dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?


__________--journeys and journey....____________

 chronicles of journeys.
 Segment of this interview  done in mid 1996.  (casette transcribed)

C.P. How about Japan? Were you there , and what were you doing there?

C.D. I did go to Japan the first time in 1982 I was there because I'd been influenced by the idea of Zen, and there was the American poet  who'd been a friend of Jack Kerouac.... I can't .. wait it was Gary Snyder. I had seen him speak in the 70's. I was amazed he had been sitting doing zazen meditation. He said he'd done this and spent three months at a time in complete silence. That stunned me , because I' d I'd never sat still for more than five minutes! i did that when I was a kid in church, and we were forced to, and for keeping quiet , well when you prayed you kept quiet , sort of. I mean you weren't speaking your own words, but real silence, and quiet , of the mind and the mouth that ever chatters.. never in my life! I 've been talki ng since I was born, I talk inmy sleep and I talk whe n I walk and i talk when I write and , yes of course, my jaw drops when I see amazing things, but otherwise I'm a born talker, loquacious as the sun is red, born with the gift of the gab, and I think it's a gift of god, so when I read about this guy, heard about him and then having seen him once 'speaking' it sort of stayed with me, an then I had studied Zen for years, and I had to go..  so I did. the first time I went I was alone, i meant i went there a lone and I had one friend there, Maurice had married a Japanese woman, Miko and they were living there for a year, because he got a teaching job there.  He's a mathematician...Anyhow, I went ... it was a long journey! I  spent the time moving around from one Zen place to another.. and naturally I went to Hiroshima, but really I was there to  learn about this Zen. ANd I don't and did not speak Japanese and it's a big country, and busy! big and busy! and  I gotta tell you I was lucky to have Maurice and Miko as my anchor when there... otherwise, I'd have been out of my depth. It was way stranger being there than in India... India when I was there, was a kind of wild country and the times lent the people from the West travelling there the air of pilgrims, and searchers....

whereas in Japan I felt __outside of the zen places, as if I was on a completely different planet...   and at the monasteries I was not really at home. They were very cool, they understood I was a man who'd come to see and learn something, but it was pretty clear to me after a few visits I' d never be a true Zen person. Talking and speaking are part of my life, as are moving.... and they're called shrines  ... yes I was okay with it all. I felt distant and strange a  lot of the time. I could not read or speak or understand even a word of the language... it was a  strange time.... I was there for about 3 weeks?   I saw these places, and buildings  like  Zuikoji in the north of Japan, I often found myself going north when I travelled.... when I went to Russia hahahhahah I went north!  But I mean I right off starting looking for places very far north! like  the Archangel , and Oga in Japan....  a northern roving spirit, heading due north with the compass... a magnetic pole seeker... a man seeking an iceberg! like in islands like Lerwick and Kirkwall... in Scotland  .... yet I'm Irish  ( I was never born in Canada))   , and by rights, I ought, or really i think of myself as someone wanting warmth... I mean warmth, not war! hahaha that's a bad pun!

C.P.   And then where...?

C.D. I went to Greece . I had to go. I needed to get my head back. I need to see the world I knew, and understood in my bones, down the bones of my molecules...
 I got back home... I mean, here .... then again. More later.




forget amnesia


Whoever you are whereever you are: Forget Lacan. forget lacan forever. forget you forgot and then forget the forgetting and you'll have experienced a pure repression.

there was  abook called Forget Foucault.

Well I say Forget Lacan.
Forget Baudrillard.

Love  the others. Love poems and desire. find the true repression of desire/ not the lacanian monkey wrench.



A schizo~analytic reading...


a  little schizo analysis is in order   ~  The dollar proof, the diamond proofs of  . something and other.
   her body.  lips. escaped excaped. excapade  ~ .

---------------------------- between these knees     legs

   rhythms shocks,
planes, rubbing,
   fair wind across far sky     ~




  a trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrannnsssfferring  translation

"Coaccidental". And here you are on both sides of the cut"

make love across air /space
   mouth/ hope





The interviews, some of which were posted  at Radio Deleuze were done at different times and places, and were taped on reel to reel and cassette tape. We transcribed these at different dates later.

C.P: where did you travel to? and when, and how does it connect or act as  a bridge to your writing?

  C.D. From 1970 to near the end of 1972 I went across North America, Mexico and as far south as Guatemala.... I went there because that is where my friend Maurice was from.

   During that time I also made one trip to England.

C.P.: And after this where do you travel to.?  Or rather did you go to the big cities of North America in those times?

C.D. Oh yes, I went to San Fransico I was 18. I went south to Mexico and saw the murals of Rivera and the temples of the Aztec. I was in Texas, and New Orleans. I was all over the place, like a rambling  being....  a snake on the move!

iNTER:  And your trip to England? 

CD: that was  100 dollars one way I think! Montreal to London! I went there because some guy, who was an asshole, kept bragging to me, about how easy it was to get to Europe. I went, I stayed a while, I'd have to go and look and I saw a  poetry reading . A fairly big one,t here was  maybe a 1000 people near the Isle of Wight. I went back and stayed and Toronto after that.

Inter: And where else? 

C.D. I lived on the road, like the thousands of young people then did. I guess I was hunting the museums too wherever I went. I was hungry to see.

The I read about Ginsberg and others going to India, so I hitch-hiked to the west coast, and a month later I was in
India. It was early December of 1972. I stayed there for about a month, and then some of my friends wanted to go to Tibet. I didn't go. I went to Benares__Varaneshi  the holy sites... of Hindu gods and the whole wild multiple scene of goddess and pilgrims, and crazy people looking and searching for the divine... and different shrines, with the idea that I'd get some Buddhist
enlightenment... . After this time I went south.... towards New Zealand, I had no idea where I was going,  but it was easy to travel then. Cheap, boats, trains. And because I was under 25 often, there were cheaper fares, and I had kept my registration as a student.  I think, I was  a student for 25 years! at diferent universities ....

 I had this passport which by 73,  was stamped with 3 continents, 5 or 6 countries. We went to Thailand once.... me . I went. And yes, I had a partner by then, she was with me . I met her in Canada, and she was the one that had friends in England, and they knew people in India, then we met people eon the road, who knew people in New Zealand... and so it went.. you see?

Interlocouter: How about Australia? didn't you get to going there ? 

C.D.  I had a friend name of Elizabeth Springer, she was from Melbourne. But she was in Vancouver at the time, I had gone there in April 1970  . That was my first long trip, alone, hitch-hiking. She was the one with friends, and family in Melbourne, and so we stayed there on the way back from New Zealand, and we  passed through there.  And then we went to Italy and then to France, and Holland, and the other countries Belgium, Denmark and then we took the train to Germany, Western Germany as it was called. That's in the spring of 73 we arrived there. In the summer we stayed there, then went back to England, and it was that time, I went to Ireland for the first time.

Then back to France, and it was sometime in the autumn of 1973, we discovered the philosophers. Until then, I had not paid any concentrated attention  to that.

 C.D. It's a bit confusing you see because I was in Montreal in the mid seventies for chunks of time, made friends, lived with a woman, and we had many cats! So when she and I went back to Europe that's really the period I was running around listening to these philosophers.. ... I was coming back and forth, and you have to understand I was young and so my sense of time was not the same  as it is now... so  when we heard Gilles Deleuze lecturing at Paris 8 St. Denis, Vincennes it changed the trajectory. It was like hearing a great poet , but on a regular basis. hahahahha... imagine hearing a great poet read his work every week! Not a chance!

  Anyhow, let's come back to this later. I have to go out and do some things.... it's always interesting to talk about these trips...  Journeys of the mind and soul.

C.P. Will you talk about your kids?

C.D. My kids! that's a secret! hahhahahah ... tape ends with Clifford Duffy laughter....



After Ireland 24 or was it 42 countries. All the continents excepting the Antartica. And a  few countries absenting the ties. and train catchment. Was you in South America? Yep. Year? Welll year? it was decade. A decade of travel. thirst. continent to continentn. beffoorrree annnnnyone knew me. it waszz a  dog's dogdayay ofvvoffvv trrraavel. Across India, and over the hill mountains the highestem peaks in that world. over the place. of the South Sea. And round the cape. back and Back again. people never minding their own business. Always. offering their eyeglass judgement and . the others their squalid swindling .a nd the pig nationalists.

 ___ people crossed the English channel. I did . it was  a heaving crossover. '92 it was. not the first time. but the first time backwards heading to England. Ireland. Ireland was the country Iw as born. a . like a dog. a height, a pear. a forenoon and a habitation for ringing and payment. and the something something something long night.

In the seventies with the other guy. the remote. the woman. at Vincennes. a crowded thick smoke of learning and philosophy and the right fullbreasted mouth. a lover forevery camp and running foreafternoons. I told all this at radiodeleuze.

Cp and you had kids?

CD yes, I had kids but didnt know for  a long time.  was secret. kept secret for as to make the clandestine obscure hidden undisclosed and keeping the latent so as to bring it about patent.

Cp but you have always writte fiction. 
Cd yes , oui yes, sim sim. yes a fiction of parts and wing. Wing parts. and a few dozen lives lived before living. and the residue of the strong story. Troy and a bucket of gold. Wordswordsword.

and the lunatics the shywomen bashful. as grapes and pool wakers and pomegranate. and this was the same time i was reckoning to have a baby . by myself with the risible smile stretched as long as irish wake a. smile fabricated of bears, lakes, wolverines, hunting dogs,  and wood.

No. Start again. star. 

--- Come back again for more. As Jil riding her willing horse.



______re_________'it muse be.'

it muse be? Mister Duffy? What memoir of muse is that? does she shake the plural word? of your definition. An indefinite article to infinity. 'Mistakes included' like batteries not included. like desire-machines. I remember what desire machines were 1979

re the air

       ___________________________in the afflictions of. delouse the gull. does the transimmanence lead to the leap to the grief to the greed to gold to bark won to win to lace to

_________________________ machine breaking out the word. as husk shellflesh word. and the spellbounding rock. along theE deteRRiTorialized sun. Not the sun o f the god but. no no not the sun neither but the sun of  . nothing. and the spare . not agility. one doesn't want to perfect agility. leave room plenty of, for mistakes, and error. a mischance, a serendipity of mistakes. So Franny, So JiLL So MONA>

____  MOna.

 Cause surely the I here
s connected to the them their . There.
  ____________________________---- Break that blog make it not work. Okay make it work then. As work. No the grand garden of Eden and its wisp . The bottom of each heart is yours.



re: the air

yes, we 'll do some fine tuning at that bird.
it squawks to the sun of the sun . of the gallant 

does a wish enter muse
bemused by the anterior doubt of Franny and her womb fairy-tales of grief and love. Glove
wore her satin, silk to her near sighted welcome. Her booming voice!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~to engineer ~

time to refurbish thiS Blog   ~ as it engineeeeeeeeeeeeers its way past 

catch it

time to refurbish thiS Blog   ~ as it engineeeeeeeeeeeeers its way past  





  that's only one of a thousand

  one  of a thousand hundred

  that the enemy of electricity stoppping prevents the bollard the blowing horn its trumpet

it ain't the xfiles baby it's real life and not yours


why not


why not be naked when you can be happy

   the living soul of animal contradiction

 it's the heatwave of summer desire dribbling bodies across the spaced out ruin of time's rhyme she saying its the upspeak of any waitress tilting her head

   and some other  naked soul   Second cupping her manner to graduate school and belonging to what's what and what the hell is that crooked pirate's eye doing here

here is close to her and her now herenow

we knew that

is homeliness a sin and a crime

 i prefer homely women the loyalty of better known days   M aureen was plain as a palindrome
at Lonergan college and that german professor's wife Eamon was sure she
had the hotty-hots for me and i felt it too it was strange
  the intense Dostoyevsky seminar the intensity of that course and his novels
and the nun who was the principle of the college and the plain jane
with her catholic babies galore

a plain woman is like plainsong
has a lasting power versus
the didactic ring of the curvy wonders of the street life of Montreal
  its piercing bodies of sexy lovy breastful but there's no end no describing this these those
their infinite thighs and hips

or the buttocks the crack of desire infinite holefill
   the bend of woman's love i've not tasted its forgotten in these
    these bones of mine