If it rains take off your clothers/ then we love/
as earth/kissing




There were four women who came to
my room last night  then there 
were 6  and  then a 100
                          then  600! 

And they were all you!

I had a hundred orgasms.

Now I am dead 
You better come bury me 



backing up


the 'day' is a dark night.  thee knight, the knight. wander. a rather peristaltic word.
  on the way to grey nimbus rain.  a man 'makes' his wayward way that way. if re-
petition is dog's nite we repeat. self our self alone . a piece of love's skin torn.a-
way . powards and cowards don't know. this. nor the men of fathers . owners of propetry.
and the vulgar vulgar of the resentful rancorous nor the proud. which is , indeed, a sickness. you
can tell right off the eyes. unhappy and the resentful ass of  a white woman on the bus. private
property is 'very busy'  'too busy' to proud too proud two proud too. as two to one.  what sur-
render's that?

back later.


i can tell when a paranoiac approaches me. and a vile
 other asking again and again  'how are you' how are you how're you doing'
the anxiety of their question covering the terror of their own.

  Dip and escape to the blue zone of free mouths and ideas. no
how are you but welcome welcome,   and


the day


it true is it so no one
speaks of your
beauty? but when i put in
you they do?





books, library ,    boxes
   your love.


  decades of desert. god knows 'imaginary' real lovers

   `  four seconds the breath passes
                              work      ~  the wave  rumbles

    your body
     hears the sun
     if its work
             its love

~ 14 Seconds the bye  ~ The heft of those cheeks 
                                    leaving  a wake in those

    hungry   eyes of the lover's mouth
                       down south
               he's forgotten

if the severe mother comes
                       he's chastised



 Flip goes the play she's summer wind to her foxglove gown     ~ .



from ....'even ...'

 time's the test eternity's wayward hill.
   dark night. set  works to resound.
   zones of diamond

something along those lines

of fire and feu and weather breaking the wordest pleasure of all
province to province. an Italian city a plaza the villa and the chambers of night
help the strange cat tinkering the bevel of spoon and ridge  over the highway of doubt
 and the worrisome guitars

 he writes an epic over a thirty hiatus and the secret magic
 of its contained words knows every song bearing its singer

that remembers the secret and clandestine  
  beauty tossing its hair back
  and the roof falling down the left out word and counted again
   counted the piano of ruffling and the small shell

  each word will remember its name




et lire deLire ma chère dear

dear   ~--------------------------------------------

merci pour 'le delire'    __________------et voila le lien ici   ~


merci pour 'le delire'    __________------et voila le lien ici   ~


a vers


how does  air see?

__________________Jill comes a humdinger to her flickering.A  PPPPPpoussin , and Fra Angelico's the 'Mocking of Christ'   ~o THAT FACE veiled a tiny bit like a bucket full of wind. and that's not the christo she knew on the street of Nazareth. A guest to flinging rain and thing. As sandwich to your head. Okay.
around your head.

the night dogs a plain of vicious speaking
   (yes i think of you. each time. i lie down. in my bed.)
   (i say you you, you. i say her you, you you. where are you)
     ( isay her where are you )

narrow Narcissus on the dogs
bark the marker twain to its terminus
not this voice
but that one

as across the river its bending tool and choice

by quill and o huff huff

Adam putting Everest to its ever-ready plane

Beginning a prose though hampering on a dog night

again dog

---------------------------------- it's the way it goes
day and night I am a song

  you are are you? a nightbird
 over canada's far space a  lover's miles
       cheer on  thunder bird the f-35 makes a bid to be desirable
      not  a chance out of the question since when do deathjets desire
   anything along the lines of   like life dude
    the dudette clouds my vision of rays
    by venus' deadbeat hips her wafting haunches