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thank you  and yes your remarks about ,, temporality ,, punctuation of subvocal and inward head voice versing lips as accurate as can be to the wish breath not the dime but the arrow which flies a bouncing ,,,, ball ,,, ba,, ,,

 ____dOc________                                __________dada duffy machine

                                                       |||||||||s as accurate as can be to the wish breath not the dime but the arrow which flies a bouncing ,,,, ball ,,, ba,,
                                    thank you  and yes your remarks about ,, temporality ,, punctuation                                                 of subvocal and inward head voice versing lips as accurate as can be to the wish breath not the dime but the arrow which flies a bouncing ,,,, ball ,,, ba,, ,,

_________________________________________________________________________dig is  a word


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Re: You see

about this one (connected here below) well, it's a long and complicated poem that I wrote in China. it has nothing to do with either Ireland, or China, except in that it's written with the Odes in mind

Re                                                you see basically i am ....

                            iread (readed) dem odes when i was , like . between 18? 19? .
in chinese

   on the bamboo

no it was Vietnamese she was a Vietnamese woman

   and she was rowing , or really not rowing but i guess it's paddling
         no, it's that long oar thing they use,
w ell she had that,
   and her hat, what are those hats, not shovel hats, but a kind of peasant hat to keep off the sun

  and there were three of us, and she, , i think she was a finnish painter  ,, possibly
                                                        and there was paint            

                                                       all   over    the     place     ~.



You see basically i am ....



." You see Nutter, I am basically an Irish ice-cream cone.'


Now ask yourself this question_ Could you saunter around with a hat like that? O a spine so taut? hands so hung back? Ah, this life is filled with impossibles~!

  picture this woman's gigantic hat expanding its four points

  her ass sti cking out

      her palms sort of, twisted inward you cld. say i dont remember and dont feel like looking for it

it's Saturday and I got a headache but I'm alright ~.

where is you dude?


'... that my pc, this one, was sick. now its better and so am i.
how come you aint got a picture

 i like it but it aint in there. what? i already ate. too bad i dont live next door to you hahah we could eat. We . Could eat. I just put some links to recent works of yrs truly on yer spot(clear spot)l. i am only just got back to regular wirrring (writing) (wiring ha!) today. was post__ blah/

            you are one  ___ i like. for real.
dont fucken die or do something stupid . in spite of the fact we dont see each other much. you dig? and i know you  know . remember jim wittaker.   BEEn trying to track him down but cant find em.
DeaRSir NuTteR i am glibly and infinitely eternally GraTefULL u got me onto DisSoAnce its just what i frigging Needed. and my needs are Vast. which is Why no fucken woman is in my life at this time. they keep banging on my door: and I say: Hence . Hence. Woman. Give me my Fantasms.

this guy fromthe Hooting yard thingy is hilarious hes talkin about the different versions of the King James Bible. fuging housians an hoousians. love that shite....

....also play checkers online___ and  finallE wON.
    ______________________ you will never know your neighbors 
     nor the transcendental illusion (of the ego gogo ego e_go and they go) nor the word buzzas it haps to suite nor the game of death or weakness nor the simple life of teeth and the blarney of the Irish accent
     and its dreadful memories 
        its other side of malarkey 
       and the rough emphasis on the direct first syllable nor the gentle becoming    and the imposed from the outside of the   of what's become to be known as the temper but its an illusion and  i am them in my thought an d ought we to see this rainbow bowing of thot.

    who decides what is hour and what is power /
    ha/ not flower power baby
      and how dare the weaklings

           "It is the strong that must be protected from the weak"  aye and yes, we know about that don't we as we've seen the weak in their guilt and gaminess protecting the wheat , keeping stock for themselves ever after clung to their selves and in the  areas of Ireland the hills rise and fall    rise  and fall
    as  a  man's heart or his breath
        and there is no guilt here   
    ______________now no one says anything there are no more phones to cradle in your Ear.

    is far near ?

      __________ how can one talk this?
                             one cannot perhaps but two?  
      oh yeah  ,,  and that thing about Buddhist detachment and non-attachment that's dear   ~.
     Tat Tvam Asi
    _____________Neither this nor that ____ the guy keeps trying to angle his desk to protect it from the light.
    who wants the light  in a state like this __ Nobody brother! 

        buddhist dectachment and non-attachment 
        and they wonder
        who ?
                            they wonder ?
                                                          third person particular third party
                                          my kids in Ireland        ' way back when '
                                       the grand secret 
                                                                the grand children
                       __________________-  in Ireland?   a secret soothing a glover knocked in the wood
         and the arbor was pleasant and green  a young man and woman hair astride
                   in that forest of green
             ______________________and the parks were bent in two
                                                conceiving on the lightning fork park
                                                  for two
                                                    thunder on the conception     ~.
    your poetry is a conception of thunder .
    _____________________________ it goes infinite /forever/ as the gloves/
                                                             that knocked in  Glen bay Ireland
      and the shallow heap
         the mariner's reef 
            impossible rough soil between
       __________________ Now that was. a thing. a thing anyone. take a thing. pastto present. move it to the future. hold it.
    hold on .Folloing
        __________________--they say whisper. not spell that way. of the word mouth excaped.harbinger.
    and other thingword
    the sun burning a hole in your head.
     and the big bogoverse or bogessay? 
        its been written already    the question is recording 


    yes who knows where a comma begins and ends


    summer comes with the rage of bodies hypocrites , and governments holding off
       liberal spouting their line there's not enough

    is there cosmos rainging on the geography of death
         in the windy world of these dreaming body and your head in the pillow  the pollarded maple rustle the willow on the boardwalk and this is beauty's song

      what is the name of the ruthless becoming call god and the pretenders to death.... your stand linger the veil  runs backward and city pairing its free style of  
       hanging backwards or the cowards with the quick labels
            a shortage of courage is what i'd call that ,



    Single as a button love's toy_ An InQuiry into Love's Capitalist nature

    Are you rich
    No I am a communist
    single as a button and I only
    go to bed with women on the first night
    hips ready for love's tournament joist and bone
    ached by the love of the sentient being's final

    but it seems
    she wants degrees
    Are you single

    And if so why

    Did you _ Who I wonder
    is single and how many have you loved?
    I love many as they love and what I cannot
    love is love too

    Are you a rich single button

    First she was friendly

    I added a link to her blog in one of mine
    she never it seemed got around to adding mine
    to hers I guess her buttons are all in place
    and not being a bloggist she's snapped by
    snail mail's snow bound pace
    slow pace

    How do you like your women?

    O I like em and I like 'em but I dont like
    sentimental rich singers complaining that some
    women's left em O poor them and Poor them
    I don't give a damn about them & their
    rich man's poetry

    O lady lady if she heard the kisses cut by the winding of the double kissed missed

    Between the sheets and buttons

    I added more notches than you can count
    from port to port &village to village
    I've ridden thighs and the horn lifted
    a lot of crying out maidens
    happy to their horniness not pretended
    by love's many placed donate

    O you don't understand this verse

    It's a curse for cussing me behind my back

    Give me your breast let that aureole shine

    sucked wet at a lover's tongue
    Your waist held hard on the hunking of love's buck

    Give way to your pride it's nothing but lust

    escaped behind its mask
    making a failure of nothing but your fingers

    __________________Now Jill knows this is malarkey and she's moved to the third person. Not a famous donkey but an ordinary monkey of several varieties. Timbre, tone, and ukelele included. She does not believe me and has no idea how I've suffered or what my life is . or what's its been these years. nor who i am.




     as  the computer  is slow as mud
           the artist has to work on paper!

          and typewriter   ~

        back soon  ~.



    and ~


      smitten  cloud or 

                                                                           balzac blazing sunny day


       (hanker ghosts)                                                          spinning


          wearing wool
                                                                 scots stockings

     incomprehensible  ... language and Tongue  ...
                     heading further north always....  moving... 

        In the moor  highland   dancer and high belted lassies....

          a  touch of (that)     nightmare of love

                                            North is Braehouliand   ...

     brothels , beetles and bears    ~ .

       Dogs knocking the night. Down the hole a risk taking creature lady. and the protestant maniac shouting. Ferry the dead! Ferry the lads!

                     in Belfast the merry makers ran amok .... timber and the druids pagan copping feeling sun

      green hut of dead.... along the coast remaindered mummies
                                                           coffined cylinders bringing the ghost home...

     Derry and Bangor calm as the ray of  a sun born to a nether sky
                                                                of onion and moon and the celtic gewgaw the clutter'd page
        curlicue and     'the' strange      Bucrana 

       Further up away Brae  Ronas Hill    mountains the eyes keep
                      eyries wayward rock   

        around the waters wishing     

                                            roaring water peninsula   dark cave
        vacuum of its darkness
                                                                     its shape

      incomprehensible    the   dialect
                     in  Eire   the softer vowels prevalent
                                                           talk of boats, and reeling ships

                                 not unearhtly  otherworld   of thee Scots  gael

             nor the gale of its presence in this      ~