and so


                                                           water was the enemy of Lycidas     ~ .




i have held many blog in my hand

you have held many blogs in my hand
                                         yet not possessed by those who believe poetry holds itself
                     that    believe                             poetry possesses itself
 addressed to the sphinx of 'commonplace' (1)

        in that room curling paper rushing around nowhere and
mister Butler wondering
   that first apartment letted out before it was done the lease it was good yet her body though youwere thoroughly in love with Susan Beaulieu disrupted your pace of eyes  ,  and face, momentarily

 her great grand body    her boyfriend too      they were in love as you were 


1. not narrowed by the sphincter of.


Miss Rose Progue where are you?
  Miss Rose progue blow my nose.





every death is a little god.

 whence this strange perverse medley. this companion in 'rouge' follows me
hair standing on blanched face and arse banged round  up the alley Liverpool
   a klaxon banging around the ribald hair of her complexion ;

___________________ do add a comma diddler dildo oh no?
                                                     a banana and that
         second-rate character out west swollen his burgeon heat
               not veedon fleece  

   _____________ you donned a bandanna in your sleep.rugged soldier of the fourth plateau, the ranging down box after death as they say it's called . .. i suspectpoetoutlasting moths has gone. button bitten
the big good one . yes it's called good for a simple . pair of truth  by the way of connecting dots
between hem and skirt. as on the trestle path. she was there, her eyes on him as she took all of his her.
  in her mouth, surely a lesbic trace on her lip. Sssmooth as any virgin coil. Moyle and the dumb ass out there
in her private island kingdom haunted by trivable ghost and lame excuse to live. as owning property usually
tune out those that have them , turned into immeubles imbeciles. a little schizophrenize here pleeaazzze. J.

________________-now if i am reading david antin does that mean I am writing it   I mean him as I read
it to perform what's there .... yes, I wrote a paper a few years back trying that technique ...

   where does it end that reading wriitng thing as like the flesh into the flesh becomes its own becomer its beginning its ender its becoming ender as the hope of fresh kiss stolen from the vase of sunlight

                  and ramble around your way of droit a way of beowolf? bewolf!

Beowulf!abig bad wolf!    
                  yes and yes so and so 's aginst the scrolling page

as imagining weve returned however

we dont do we keep going on rolljing over new mends as the reel unspinning wracks our nerfs
   nerf nerf is french for antonin artaud .... today inside the body was you as him was you as him as him as you was you as him him was you as was wasas

              not like kiddies, but as and akin and Was

 then aroundthe gilded hip and the ringing tone 
   held fast  her music coming on

 does it mean doctor duffy you were talkin' to him o yea I was in florida it was antianteater at that conference  ovr in
   then the joycean thing oo popped in

  are you cold in these ship? O the s  . not  a thing to wrot tree of. a worry thing.
                come along O traveller arbre of that. to this there's no tension of in. o. f. as
  okay yr try to yes break its form to come of what it shove?
   yes and no not a question at there end of  rid itself of that extra
 the scrool, scree vast goes on helter kelter to the side too as it brides its feet buck               ling as in the first blog   ssszz 
  c a fre ful that menu menU oPoopPoP!? Popped uP!!! 
                THINK OF THAT THING FB   ~ yeab  or
                                                           || them s that ay hello and vem wont
                                                            || sick schiziophrenic in 'her' case .
                                                             || as wont say  ||
_________________________________________________________________________________now can making it stretch peripheral to its ___________________________________________ eye infinite west ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________lady rogue rose ____________________________________________________________________________________cut  that paper here _______________________________Maria     ~   
  i wrote a poem to petit poetic acceptance       called Elm tree something as 
                                  among that line
                                                                       her body breadth    ~




ohHH? and


               how do  you make the machine stand down     
                                                                                            not up?

the world is filled with choose ( chaosmose)
   not shoes

(Douglas Carter died on Sunday)

--------A dirty agencement to get that asSemBlage emblem blem blem em em  goin
  the other way to a line of love fight. Not A StoP SigN. O

 twisted to the winter deterritorialization of becomings clung around the room of varoom. This brick-layer
becomes  a  a,  a, a , bricoleur. Dig. Ya do dig. Not as collage but as rip-ups and further bit becomings
counter the grail of holy knowledge truth brung back the tinier sprig and cocoon. of the butterfly.

So she invoices the revoice. A receipt to hearing its thing cordage. She's a fine wrap. Azure fly.

'Strange attractors...' lovers.. the quantum of literature. Indeed holding one's hand 
 an 'unconscious' one at that, to the future.

 limited to the quantum of writing he discusses----

who writes your poems of love and dog(s)
  struggle with that thing shaped as a  
  on the bus
    layed  as,
   as a
                 blonde as her ... Ofor
    an adage, of love's clandestine phase?


  Now take the thimble fill it for water praying to the geese guessing there's no name to vouchsafe nor playing around the kid to eternity? 
           She fumble the loan 'making good ' her come-back. As any spare worn suitor.




Now doesn't he
look cool as if
he was 

just seeing 
meditating ecstasy