a bully sattva


An undone Bodhifatso!

       not a ruined pacemaker 


you can picture
Saint Bodhisattva






Anywhere you go machines controversy voices gabble.

                                         ________ Draw the line here between the voice and the appearance of the Eye. The Eye Beholder. 


.... gazing


 spit of cloud descend that roomy thing of the canal

a  blade of grass depending
  the  night light shade angles her
                 Zen is my dharma
  and my  path is there

  gazing  void

    at that shapely wall!







 think    3  4 versions
                      across space the space contained containing
the web's cross-hatching
                time for each match?
                                     a filigree
                                           a finger fan

so you got time

                  think  one minute gone
     8 between each
                      hesitates grips 
                                 four others unseen
                among 'draft' version and 'version'

    which is the one   and  O and the time 
                    inferenced   in intervals


   so say one gone
                           two gone

  left side

      right side


                  as they say             'justified'



think of


    the  blank space                                              
                             each  a ribbon
            a   rib
                                                     and a nib
                                                                         the,  a pen opening 

                                                                                          out   ink 

                                                           joy in the hidden outward exclusive  


typing at your feet

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it must have been a year a go? you wrote this O write. Write. Writing? who does this someone between. and coffee. hands that have not grasped nor touch.

now your wrist is sore/ nose blocked / eyes returned ...a after a fashion of seeing. winter's a monster. that never ends apparently a winter which    ~ did  a prose poem contain there...O but the nose does not smell a lover's perfume. between your writings. of bodies carnality of roses, and mouths. in the arms of tangled perfumes.




that other worldly feeling of the walls infinite perspective. love that rays over the room and world. infinitely expanding it's first impression willing to lie for love and its

would winter end one day in Montreal as the cold shuttles
between the bodies alone those that are not
those who travel freely perverting the world
with the sand and power

if anyone is closer than you if
 anyone is closer than your lips how can
they be closer than this nude feeling in  the winter's hurtful night

what the world knows as winter's just day on the flipping other side of its missive . the Venus model, the Jupiter mold and dangling on the end of a pen the right sided world clobbering its differences. 

   if she saw him. lying for her. withheld by bribery and money. she'd know his shame. a 
man hungrier than god waiting .

that'd be no women come wait to see .
   in the narrowest pit of hell? she'd lift her lips meeting his.





its january and it's cold

it's is it is it is it is it's its its it is it is 

     it it cold 
    is is cold