Jack Layton has died ~


Our friend,a friend of Canada's has died.
   However,  his     spirit and his goodwill and achievements will not die   ~ Nor will the                      
                 ideas of a just government  and 
                   the wealth of Canada being shared  for all   ~.

Jack: A voice for the powerless

AUGUST 23, 2011
The event that caused Jack Layton to join the NDP despite his family's deep Liberal-Conservative roots, was the party's opposition, under Tommy Douglas's leadership, to the imposition of military law in Quebec in 1970. Jack was 20. A small group of radicals had kidnapped two people in the name of a "free" Quebec. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau declared martial law and tossed hundreds of people, almost none of them connected with the kidnappings, in jail. To many onlookers it seemed like a brazen attempt to intimidate and stifle the rising, and in itself quite legitimate, movement for Quebec independence.

This wasn't a socialist issue, or even left-wing. It    was a matter of civil rights.

Some members in all parties were appalled. But only the NDP, under Douglas, stood up publicly. It was unpopular. They did it, knowing the consequences.