writing that thing you called it the way not a simple thing but the body's name over a thousand miles

writi g t at yo are ot writig meas yo are writig
of all the stupid typewriters I hav e seen and heard why UPpEr case That I . and it's the relative fault of grammar that  permits gangs of whatdoyoucallthem to be gainfully employed. Employed gainfully. Mona'sa shussy babe gathering geese on her name. Someone, not anyone has a hope to be home before ten. Not a Marxist or a woman with her wavey hair parted in the middle wearing a button down blouse.A white stuffed shirt revealing  the fullness of her love breasts. her breasts every breasts a love breast

by saying you are not writing you are writing
by writing that you are not writing  so
you are writing 

says who you're not writing says you and you're  you
your youeye is the gizmo don't say you're not writing
when I am writing I am writing you and the way it goes
its  'hacked' in the street  ~ why call it a hack?

A m b l e s


little voices
little word people
were whispering 
to me on the bus
we're just 
like you clifford

I anaoedipus
to your breasts
take your 
   little oedipus
            s o n

reductiveness in the rallying card cry call
 compared to my
scrawled midnight linen lines
this is child's play



re tend night

 Does that retend knight know her horse? Does she wink at shallow fish birthing along thefarplains of consistency and further shores where broad weaves play? Of this she has no idea. Life is breath mortal and smoke riddles horizon after after after . Mona kills the notice, empowers .
Not a period, not the period, but its end. Terminus!

 all true whalers. All true pigeons whitebreasted to sun the finning wings  ~ the hercules of Man. O not woman.  Woman? what's that a creature of the four suns born to lie? to hearth?

it's never been your love only your body


tend night


sunshine whirls night/the body's eyes are fooled

           foaled in the crawled garden

 already how half showing part naked part youth to mouth the south?
     |||||||||||||||||||| you are already half-showing your
      ||||||||||||||||||| (perfect youth) naked/take off
demonstrating a perfect design weather storm of lust love's lorn factory? a factotum a bell two to two along the riverside of lips. One gets carried away with the docking of wharves and boats.
     |||||||||||||||||||| your clothes.slip off your shorts
                                          flip off your tee shirt

   get dressed to leave in ambigous desert a perfect gigabyte of speech
a figure of addressing and leaving as I have heard your calls 

                          and night's certainly a dark harbinger of friends , fire stations  ,
                                                                                                 and lovers
                                           as your beauty presages every sculpture  .

_____________________________In the fictions, on the other hand, Mona's a  shady  shakedown purveyor of on the run,
and moving quick 
as nimble sheets to number's design.



re: OR_PhEus--When


when did you write this one?: OR_PhEus--When I dont remember. I had a thing once
where you wrote a dozen verses a week recto to the paring of peaches the pairing of numbers lisped
along the lover's leg ~ she was a born thinker to her ~ yearning around the place,
and its rub-a-long tree the vice of remembering the things we said around the time of its
making the kindness of its tact ~

summer came all was forgotten in a swinging mode and the trees, poplars, oak and maple
gathering their leaves earnest to the bearing race of time's modem ~ she was popular with democratic
crowding and rushing hither and there to come in her place arriving
gesticulating with fans and pails.
Well not really but she was the mouth that was true lover ~ .

Jack Layton has died ~


Our friend,a friend of Canada's has died.
   However,  his     spirit and his goodwill and achievements will not die   ~ Nor will the                      
                 ideas of a just government  and 
                   the wealth of Canada being shared  for all   ~.

Jack: A voice for the powerless

AUGUST 23, 2011
The event that caused Jack Layton to join the NDP despite his family's deep Liberal-Conservative roots, was the party's opposition, under Tommy Douglas's leadership, to the imposition of military law in Quebec in 1970. Jack was 20. A small group of radicals had kidnapped two people in the name of a "free" Quebec. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau declared martial law and tossed hundreds of people, almost none of them connected with the kidnappings, in jail. To many onlookers it seemed like a brazen attempt to intimidate and stifle the rising, and in itself quite legitimate, movement for Quebec independence.

This wasn't a socialist issue, or even left-wing. It    was a matter of civil rights.

Some members in all parties were appalled. But only the NDP, under Douglas, stood up publicly. It was unpopular. They did it, knowing the consequences.


ReCall To Poetry: Mid July

ReCall To Poetry: Mid July

'Everyone suddenly burst out singing.' there are rebels and citizens and and ? who what where in his mad parade of Joy and VicTory the chaOsz of what did one expect what was one foreseeing?

______________ push for steps towards forming a constituent assembly of some sort to give the new government legitimacy. It will need to create institutions which Colonel Gaddafi largely abolished and replaced with supposedly democratic committees that, in effect, policed his quirky one-man rule. This will not be easily done. Long-term opponents of the regime will find it difficult to share the spoils of victory with those who turned their coats at the last minute.

Some groups have been empowered by the war itself, such as the long-marginalised Berbers from the mountains south-west of Tripoli, who put together the most combat-effective militia. They will want their contribution to be recognised in any new distribution of power.
Libya does have several advantages over Afghanistan and Iraq. It is not a country with a large and desperate part of the population destitute and living on the margins of malnutrition. It does not have the same blood-soaked recent history as Afghanistan and Iraq. For all the demonisation of Colonel Gaddafi over the last six months, his one-man rule never came near rivalling that of Saddam Hussein for savagery.__ assemblage  of   texts together  ----- way back in January when the former president of Egypt was thrown off his billion dollar plus throne Well today it looks like that other bum the phony ' Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ' 'has seen his better day'  ~  

                                       not that the people of that country ever had it better under his crackpot authoritarian regime    ~ 

. He was a wicked man,  and will go 'down' the drain 

as a tyrant , a yahoo,  and a cruel vindictive man   ~ whatever happens in Libya must be better 
than having had
to live under that despot's rule of disorder and torture  ~.

 So let's celebrate the end of tyrants, despots , gangsters, thugs, cheap hoods, scumbags of history   


_________________________________ The courageous bold people of Egypt are now the living example 
                                                                     to the rest of  us    ~ ___________________

A tyrant's exit. A nation's joy

Robert Fisk: They sang. They laughed. They cried. Mubarak was


no more.

Everyone suddenly burst out singing.

And laughing, and crying, and shouting and praying, kneeling on the road and 

kissing the filthy tarmac right in front of me, and dancing and praising God for 

ridding them of Hosni Mubarak – a generous moment, for it was their courage rather 

than divine intervention which rid Egypt of its dictator – and weeping tears which 

splashed down their clothes. It was as if every man and woman had just got married, 

as if joy could smother the decades of dictatorship and pain and repression and 

humiliation and blood. Forever, it will be known as the Egyptian Revolution of 25 

January – the day the rising began – and it will be forever the story of a risen 


So Goodbye dictators

and tyrants



dam Hussein for savagery.__ assemblage  of   texts together  ----- way back in January whe

Robert Fisk: How long before the dominoes fall?

The West is offering lessons in democracy to New Libya; how to avoid the chaos we ourselves inflicted on the Iraqis

Tuesday, 23 August 201

The remaining Arab potentates and tyrants have spent a second sleepless night. How soon will the liberators of Tripoli metamorphose into the liberators of Damascus and Aleppo and Homs? Or of Amman? Or Jerusalem? Or of Bahrain or Riyadh? It's not the same, of course.

The Arab Spring-Summer-Autumn has proved not just that the old colonial frontiers remain inviolate – an awful tribute to imperialism, I suppose – but that every revolution has its own characteristics. If all Arab uprisings have their clutch of martyrs, some rebellions are more violent than others. As Saif al-Islam Gaddafi said 

at the start of his own eventual downfall, "Libya is not Tunisia, it's not Egypt...It will become civil war. There will be bloodshed on the streets." And there was.

  To gaze into the ball of Power and its hour?

And so we gaze into the crystal ball.

And how soon, we must ask, before the people of Europe demand to know why, if Nato has been so successful in Libya – as Cameron and his mates now claim – it 

------------------History is not a dominoe 

cannot be used against Assad's legions in Syria, using Cyprus as a territorial aircraft-

carrier, devastating the regime's 8,000 tanks and armoured vehicles as 

Damn those soldiers eyes

damn their hands

their fingers on machinegun triggers

Libyan rebels have consolidated their grip on the capital of Tripoli by capturing Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s main compound, but the whereabouts of the Libyan leader remain unknown, and he has vowed his forces would resist "the aggression with all strength" until either victory or death. Reporters in Tripoli say heavy gunfire could still be heard nearby the area of the Rixos Hotel, where dozens of international journalists guarded by heavily armed Gaddafi loyalists are unable to leave. The Arab League said on Tuesday it will meet this week to consider giving Libyan rebels the country’s seat at the League, after it was taken away a few months ago from the Gaddafi government. Today Britain’s National Security Council is meeting to discuss unfreezing Libyan assets to financially assist the National Transitional Council. We speak with Gilbert Achcar, a professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. "Who are the rebels? Well, this is actually the $1 billion question," says Achcar. "Even in NATO circles, you find the same questions." [includes rush transcript]

they besiege the country's cities. Or must we heed the neighbours; Israel still secretly hopes (as it shamefully did in the case of Egypt) that the dictator will 

survive to be a friend and make an ultimate peace over Golan.

Domino theories are a fraud. The Arab Spring is going to last for years. We better think about that. There is no "end of history".