a ring around the rose

Somebody is holding this impossible pen. Try a cartwheel over spitted harp fires, a rare condo with empty windows for yes and eye-to-eye   ~. this bird has a flowery 'kind of' dress, and her reading is precise, a s fat waterfalls are, or the ungainly. Not gainsaid either yet along the ridge of toasting river bedding. 


  what a strange country you are  coming to visit
me while sleeping the mountains and river hold
back their terrible terror their splendor and that
is a word clustered by napes and neck bending crowds
you know about that how halted at dusty corners you
hold them against their will wanting as they are
to breath any other air than death

__________Jill fills the hour . Ruff and clown her efforts a being of                                

            sedge to every power.

------------------------------------------------- to every    there is 
                                                                  you'd know again the fit thing

                                                   marked and shred by  opportunity    ~ .

 Love is that way, far gone and long tongued, in the other country   ~ .
Soon out of prison, and then a freer breath to mold the air ~  of your treaties and love     ~.
  and the invisible verb as something between your lips said to(o) fast wanting to do it   ~ and we can't t here's a world globe battening between us      ~ whose lips are these O my woman     ~  . (today the world's against us like fat on the side of a frying pan. But the pan gets hot! again~) (and it's you I call/I always did  ~ /)

 Then again reflection offers another hawking . Find the right stem
from this daffodil and trusted seed making your body's hope a miracle in sight    ~ .

In time I will say I    ~ .