on the street of


en train de parler j'ai dits
tes levres sont commes des lune
ttes And no(t)n les serviettes! (les serveuses )
de la terre 
tu deter et moi je deter
je parler avec une ami sur rue Ste. Catherine
Clifford tu parle commes les tois etoiles et  je trouverai

ta place dans ma coeur  / I stand a silly slave
to love's belly bucket! a coxcomb to the far winding
up as she he said winding down and 

Je part tu part
on reviens commes les cloches
Cloches cochonnes des amants et ami
esque of vista and moon around the tearing
veil of her parting opening salvo O buckets and bee!

Je reviens commes des quoiquoi? commes le free verse
le vers libres (tes levres)

I think words are naughty O rhymster of sexydoodle 

And not a cheap prizing winning novel banger I but an humdinger of the son of the son let me name them
in their right order a Son of Whitman of Joyce Words
worth is that a patch of Byron there boy? Is that soul gospel bibble belting ringing your rosyposy talk to the speeches of the rivers?
Is that alL? O kay lets more to go add say Villon? Rabelais
Tzara? Rimbaud Artaud What secret poets of the lost escape? Ensemble together as the tyrant blows her horn.
If that don't iambic you're down and out for the count.

Those names say nothing. what's aname Okay who else beside the names of known and lesser known cousins and family and larger greater than famine family

The only kind of conformist I am interested in
is an absolute nonconformist

Is it true no is it tallow? non, is it oui or ouioui?

Tree and standing solemn oath pour! your reckoningsfrom you O diction. O dictation congregation of the fallow birds?
And I said we're going ? upspeak sidespeak downspeaking.

              This has been a poem. Crossed over by your face.

                                  And more  there's more always been more. Of the folds
of your skin , and the caress of your smile. How shy 
we are! A dancing dainty knave! a clave (not a conclave) of things? upspeak and turning wheel and the balm of summer's quick cost?
that sounds too like what's her names . of the red wire.

      It's not sugar you need      it's love   ~