june is almost


June is almost gone   ~ . night roles   ~
tremble of earth    ~ too hot to see and your skin? where
are you? I wonder how that skin of yours tastes. I saw your
shoulder straps the first time in that photograph     ~.

  not the present body aching nor the time here now
 of  a man in his real life cut cut across the wedge of space's
real time and

   4 years is a long time  /time  the renderer the tearer the joyer
 the realer  connecting the hand to hand over city earth politics your breathing body
each day and there was your voice the barest whisper in my ear now
  a  day burns paper       ~ what word is that 

do I know how to write a poem? what poem of body's yours as i wonder so
far off a city yours between darks and nights your life  ~  your children your
cares your worries your loves and hopes    ~
      ours crossed and how I loved you !
    how intense you were and beautiful and calling me half way across the world
a man you never met a tender voice yet my life  was hard impossible unbearable and the things i achieve pay nothing they paid nothing but time passing a temporary hiatus a  relief in the 'bearing of wheels'    ~.

A metaphor a wheel    ~  who are you Lady?