the words

The words to hold them abundant spears of literature
rainbow clutter, pendant windows, and willows handling a spoking wheel
a climbing vine, a hand taught 
the archetypes of your life in three keys,
the reflection, the contemplation of wolves
the alcoholic manner governing states,  hovering
by the closest superstition and the churn of metamorphosis
If these sunbeams cloud the stairs you choose mazes
rounding the hedges ornamented to the last clock
a summer weave beside the rueful sonnets
and then it works!
Like peeves!
 God's cask knows better than this, and opening every leaf
there's a storm beside that,a muttering hidden cloud
checking simple diamonds funneling their way back
from the hunted gown   ~. Your twisted body
gaze become the storm settled moment

Little gypsy this is the sip
of light in blindness
outside the leafage brown   ~ 


Rooms of these those and the recognition
that she's always better looking angel hanging your body
she's there staring at your eyes bound goddess   .