the woods


a  poet-citizen  suffers back pain
  (preventing )  love making  in all the usual ways, which are
                    not so usual, becomes a problem.

So she takes him in her mouth , his flute, she plays
it up and down ting-a-ling a-long

 she plays t ill her sings

    firing shooting into her  mouth
      the long gulp of air
         sucking him back
        her head tossed
           sucking her lover

       as he comes a rain forest

     but how does he come?
                   (she too she comes the second and third
                           coming   ) 

how come a come
a  come she comes does she come she's coming
it's her coming she's Christ at her second coming

 she comes thinking  his flute cock
    her mouth her hands her everyside

  he dies of backaches brought on by love's secrecy
the desperate bid to

      what? do god's will? to love beauty? even

a t the risk of death

   he's fucked and loved a thousand women
      hundreds of beauties hundreds of plain women
          hundreds of ordinary beauties and hundreds
of ordinary everyday women
  up and down and up and down the coast as far
as the south pole?
his pole is god's gift to the women he's loved
they loved him this way and that and always loved back   ~.
serendipity is his name     ~.


rsend this charming note  /a love letter
  a series of memory