a moment was yesterday

high yellow
                            high lonesome
                                               high death 
                                                                     high sidewalks

                    hi death my old friend
                                                         are you to visit my friends?

                           does this city state there's a balcony waiting for you?

                     death was still  and life is ready

                          between there walks there were phrases, jewels,   lies, betweenesses 
                                 between breaths
                                            and death came down a soft cloud muttering your retreat

                                            I'm not afraid of you anymore
                                                                      I did a bad job anyhow


  that was a moment in the changing guard a movement spelling failure fear and the  gone now its spoken presence      ~ 

                                         no failure here no fear here but strength growing
                                                 at its own bidding helping others is the cure  
                                                       healing its after moment of care    ~