as she hated her plainess she hated
men justice became  her rallying call
ing her to the country her fuel the rejection
of men who'd loved her

so she hated the great men around her
choosing smaller and weaker women and
men as her boon companions  a pretended lesbianism
to a paradox of spite in her spirit . she was no
lesbian at all merely a woman ranking lower
than the average above and higher in her head and
had she loved herself to respect others'd loved to
yet she didnt' and she grew uglier or meaner supporting
democratic causes and perceived change with parties such as the NDP, and
Solidaritie Quebec, but  she was a  starry eyed dreamer beleiving all she was told
denying her own sly winks and lies, the spiteful down turn of her lips
crease  age ran to catch up hurrying along to  catch her up no denyiable bitch
  that hag hanging up friend and foe pretty and plain pretty and callous vacant
to the peachy winds of peace, the pitchy winds of pissed
off women whose bittness knowing no end infinitely holding
to their breasts as god's gifts weren't spread evenly stung
to the breasts ugliness and spite venom as top dog of the pack
dressed in  a potatoe sack for 15 years wastiing her youth's 30's.

This hagbag of antiliteratue hatingeverything beautiful less it be
best and better than her conceited ideas of the same for everyone
democracy with a bag of groceries. Reading  th e worst books for
ten years of selfhelp trash and the garbage of 'new age' 'thought' really
it was gruel and shit shoveled out to the crippled minions of a generation
the slaves of the 80's and the conservative conquest of the West .
Thatcherites adn Reagonites and Mulrooneyites and the liberals bitter
liberals alongside of them    ~ the bitter resentment of the 'fake' working
class from this cesspool how many would be social workers. Governement
workers, clerks fot he guilt of the fedegeal goverments pissy policities
to the old soldiers essentially men who'd fought. As others got pensions

And the little  like this. C, B an others. speaking
their french kissing the , and sucking the ass, of the petty seperatist
movement in Quebec and its scum minions of nationlaism pure laine
fascism . Disgusting sentiamental exclsuvists scum of politics.
 The secular catholic politicos stepping into the shoes of the seigneurs
and catholic prelates the 'church' making its dirty deals with 'les anglais'
. On the other side of t he river. After all the Englsih were the hated.
Enemy of old.

HIppy birthday forthe goo and moo and the flip and glib and he too hated was abundant and greater than him his glasses a monstrous glass mounted to mugger the other his brother the bettercrushing with the bitterness of the dealer former to the funder and his wife ran off withanother guy his closest 'best' friend as the bitch would have it and her crippled daughter to so he sold out to an engineer and erring his radio show cutting down     ~