Worse than those these heart
  heat   strange continuance   contumely 
 past present   wilful
future renderd ?  rented to simple feet  your darling wood
blow! blow!

Not again she's fluted the river and keeping time
with no belonging one and a woman of every other strip
stipulating fac ts which she don't belong and the dominatrix 
from the bank likes to tie things down
her only plate

this one and Yeats doesn't know the song and the serial numbers
fuzzy have mastered their fate it's all mixed and mulish in the ox
of the river lambent once and chamfered up its stiff wings sunset and the god's
own gondola a fake thing at any price

A try for one makes anything any thing at all ove rthe microphone 
my voice was a roar not tricked or  cheapened nor deceived yet better 
than ones came before me


                           with this