ah? an?

And what does it hold? Bode to its touching word grip.... along the southering ... clutching its amber necklace a lover's tooth her comb .....

                   the way you've been everything ... the ace of spades a truck driver's wheel... a crushing curtain at the 'act finale' of every bird's weather... a cruising instant rounded by every meal and notorious saddler a  clean intent, a thief of pages and round the roundhouse and  gazebo...

It's horrible being a prisoner... with 'every' jest in town ... not 
     the riverside or moving noon but comebacks replays ... turn  and returns 
replay not  in jest but a      clown 

wearing a feather coat a mp3 a solstice silver suit blinked
along the eyelids of percipient peasant gatherers  .... where
does it end?  you might ask flicking ashes from your sweater tearing
nylons along the south bound direction of the hem and humming
little tunes to keep yourself busy like any sinking ship a quarry 
returning all the honest things   

'Incipient' that's the word! hush little one your drag is never wasted 
on the eyes of those who see sailing by on the buckets 
of rainbows

you'd take a picture of each stage fellow feeling your back wondering
if today is the day you're going to mark the steely edge of your rainbow
bit by bit not me but I as the willow truck of your forsaken self  a river
bounding by its cages and a lion stepping forth its crew rampant with
every figure forsaken by its night lover  a busted blue gorilla 

And you speak of voice
imitators to a parade of pills not an achievement like these
derring combinatories or yielding ceilings frescoed walls coffined
spaces of denial a detail for deal breaking like any prime minister 
'cracking the whip' giving voice to the thousands cringing in their fort

Alabama Alberta and the rat's tail whig of the West ? us you say
climbing that mountain where the 'Native' people found words to unencumber
some truly made thing and it turns you're just like them we're us and not it
or them come to think of it come to think of it she leaning against the lamp
brushed with wool and back breakers or sudden lapses of the tongue of speech
a yarely thing to be heard this way speaking of which 'Ya raly' it is
it's you and you and you you you and you 

I don't want to be impersonal so I'll omit Alberta and Alabama and just 
say Bam! slam! wham! a province goes kilter!
Hip hip hooray! and hip hip so cool hooray and ragtag malag and meg's pinned
to forest and ranging wide her skilful dexterity she eats plates mistress
of plenty and touchstone of none Yawn plenty her mouth and no one pays
you for this either my dear waitress you hold plates tippytoeing on your
chin and not hers Lebanon  

That's not personal it's impersonal and the names have been changed to
forfeit the     ~  and to protect the guilty     ~ they're the ones dirtied
the font dont ya think my dear Park Extension dark in your bright Wednesday
lights your bright Wednesday night tights     __________ made for practising 
the tundra where every gate is open     .

Take Stalin for instance       ~.

 and any other bust bus stop history a million gallons of oil. on loan to the United
States of the us and them  / and we fare /trying truces on the piece of the 
earth /against the Isms of bargaining tables any   ~old which road  ~ the crude
and craw craw craw and the 'ice breaking' and your love the Multiplication Table
for example    ,,   and the long divisions    ~
Or a poet hampered by willows and tables
seeds and other wishywashy bran elements
a chemistry of fools and Troy   yes yes Helen of Destroy   ~
marking the miracle worker of the 20 c e n t u r y   'civilization?' what was that
some barbarous thing that swept millions to their infinite deaths unaccountable ~
not a prayer or poem to read their beckoning   ~  but then think of the birth
Billions rolling around earth universe and stars   ~ and every other Mutt and Jeff
is that what was their name then , was it? then seeing the accent for the fork
in the tree ~ . and then the lentil soup   ~ O beauty your bare back    ~  .

This come along   ~ for the time becoming its ever ready wheeling factor   ~ .



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